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While many people want to support their local bookstores, the reality is that most book links go directly to Amazon. With your help, Bookstore Link can change that.

When someone links to a book on Bookstore Link

…the reader chooses their independent bookstore.

Bookstore Link connects them to that bookstore’s site to make their print book purchase (and the bookstore gets 100% of the book sale)…

…or connects them to Libro.fm to purchase the audiobook (Libro.fm splits profits with bookstores).

It’s quick and easy to link to a book on Bookstore Link. Just find the book and copy the link:

Want to pre-select the bookstore? Find the store and copy the link.

Bookstore Link is not a discovery tool to help readers find books. Instead, it is an easy way for authors, publishers, and bookstore fans to link to specific books and drive sales to all independent bookstores.

Plus, many bookstores report sales to bestseller lists, including the New York Times.

What can you do to help support local bookstores? We’re so glad you asked. 

Link to Bookstore Link instead of Amazon.

You’ll be driving website traffic and sales to independent bookstores and using your influence for good.

Tell all the authors you know about Bookstore Link.

It is an easy way to direct their fans to independent bookstores to buy their books.

Speak up when media outlets link exclusively to Amazon.

Ask them to include Bookstore Links in their articles and champion independent bookstores.

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