How to gift an individual audiobook

Gifting individual audiobooks is easy through! Read on for how to start gifting.

Gifting an individual audiobook

  • Gift an audiobook: Find the audiobook that you would like to give as a gift and select “Gift audiobook.” At checkout, enter the gift recipient’s details as shown in the image above. (If the audiobook you’d like to gift is already in your cart, click the “Give this audiobook as a gift” (1) checkbox and fill in the gift recipients details.)
  • Gift an audiobook using credits: Click the green “Apply credit” button (2). Please note that this option is only available to members.
  • Send gift now: Enter the gift recipient’s email (3), and we’ll send them an email with your gift right away.
  • Send gift later: Leave the recipient email field blank, then click the “Download PDF” button after checkout. Print or email the gift to send along when you’re ready.

Helpful hints:

  • Don’t click the redemption link to avoid accidentally redeeming the gift yourself.
  • Avoid special characters when entering the gift message (4).

More questions? Head back to the Gift FAQ.