The Marketing Box

Ready to take your audiobook marketing to the next level?

We’ll send you the “ Marketing Box” completely free. Just let us know how many you need! Box Contents: 1,000 Bookmarks, 5 Table Tents, 100 Book Talkers, 50 Shelf Talkers, 50 Bumper Stickers, 2 Storefront Stickers and 2 Posters. Email if you have any questions.

Looking for t-shirts? We no longer include them in the marketing box but you can order one for yourself in the store. Use the discount code “bookseller” for 50% off your order!

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Nick Johnson

Nick is the Creative Director at He has wildly varying tastes. For example, you can see him zooming around the Pacific Northwest on either his pristine Italian scooter or his classic American car. His tastes in books are just as diverse. He reads (and listens to!) everything to 1950s-era sci-fi to modern YA.