The Marketing Box

  • Ready to take your audiobook marketing to the next level?

    We’ll send you the “ Marketing Box” completely free. Just let us know what size box you need and how many. Questions? Email and he’ll get you all sorted out.

  • Small Box Contains:
    10 Table Tents
    100 Books Tabs
    50 Shelf Talkers
    50 Bumper Stickers
    4 Storefront Stickers
    4 Posters
    4 T-Shirts (S, M, L, XL)

  • Large Box¬†Contains:
    20 Table Tents
    200 Books Tabs
    100 Shelf Talkers
    100 Bumper Stickers
    8 Storefront Stickers
    8 Posters
    8 T-Shirts (S, M, L, XL x 2)

Want to customize your box? Just let us know what you need in the notes section below.

Request Your Free Marketing Box

  • Please let use know if you need more or less of certain materials, different sizes for your shirts, have multiple locations you’d like us to mail to, or any other special requests.