Quiz: Audiobooks by Black Authors, Curated by Marcus Books

We asked our friends at Marcus Books in Oakland, CA to help our listeners find their next audiobook by a Black author. Take the quiz to find your perfect pick, and read more about why they chose them below!

“Marcus Books is excited to share some of the books that we have carried and enjoyed over the years, from richly woven stories of love and mystery to the (auto)biographies and history of exceptional human beings. There is something here for every reader. Enjoy!”

—the booksellers at Marcus Books in Oakland, CA

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The storefront of Marcus Books: a brick building with signs in the front windows and a sandwich board on the sidewalk

“There is something here for every reader.”

Marcus Books in Oakland, CA

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Marcus Books was founded in 1960 by Drs Raye and Julian Richardson. It has always been an institution where those who have written books, produced visual work, and more can see themselves on a shelf, wall, or counter surrounded by other Black makers.

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