Quiz: What kind of bookstore cat are you?

Cats are the ideal animals to help run your friendly, local bookstore: they are selective, loyal, and highly discerning when it comes to literature. Don’t believe us? Just check out these partner bookstore cats listening to their Libro.fm audiobooks!

Madi Mullen is the Social Media Manager at Libro.fm She enjoys reading and listening to books, writing, and playing beach volleyball. As a PNW native, she loves every season and gets outside as much as possible to enjoy it with her family and friends.

3 replies on “Quiz: What kind of bookstore cat are you?

  • Linda

    I didn’t think the questions matched my personality. I’m not invited to parties. I don’t know what people think of me.

    I took the quiz because I have 2 cats and I’m collecting all kinds of things that have to do with cats. I went from there are only dog things to my house is filling up with cat merchandise.


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