Quiz: Your Next Libro.fm Listen

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3 thoughts on “Quiz: Your Next Libro.fm Listen

  1. Hmm. That’s an interesting quiz. I have to say that, as a marketing strategy consultant who earns a living conducting research and interpreting data, the questions seem to presuppose an outcome. Of course, the outcome is exactly right. I absolutely intend to read – or hear – “The Testaments”.

    Keep up the good work, Libro.fm.

  2. This is not a helpful quiz. It limits to one category immediately. Readers looking for various genres might be asked to list what recent titles or writers they have read, and recommendations based on those.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Brian! We’re always working on new quizzes and new ways for listeners to find their next audiobook. If you refresh the window, you can take the quiz multiple times to get audiobook recommendations for multiple genres. Thanks for listening!

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