Summer Listening Challenge

It’s summer time and there are so many fun things to do! Audiobooks can be a great companion for art projects, exercise, gardening, and car trips. Give what we like to call #handsfreereading a try and with, each listen supports your local bookstore and community.

How does it work? 

First, listen to 20 hours of audiobooks between July 1st and September 4th. Next, track your progress using this worksheet. Finally, email a picture of your completed worksheet to and we’ll send you a FREE t-shirt and earbuds!

Who can participate? 

Anyone! Adults, Parents, grandparents, kids, teenagers—we have audiobooks for all ages! Start exploring at and be sure to use our new Wish List to track which audiobook you want to listen to next!

Get started!

Download the worksheet, find your next audiobook, and be social with us! Share what you’re listening to and what you’re doing while listening by tagging @Librofm and using #handsfreereading and #summerlistening.

Written By

Stephanie Ballien

Stephanie is the Director of Marketing at She enjoys traveling, breaking a sweat, and listening to biographies of inspiring individuals. When she's not thinking of ways to support indie bookstores, she can be found wrangling a toddler through the parks of Seattle and adventuring in the PNW.

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4 replies to “Summer Listening Challenge”

  1. Tara Brown says:

    This is great! Thanks!!

    1. Joseph says:

      Hey Tara what you recommend me and Stephanie ballien what you recommend me aswhell

  2. Jo Ann says:

    I do not really have a local bookstore. I live in a town without a bookstore can you believe it! I listen to audiobooks from the library. We have one of those-yay.
    Can I participate?

    1. Mark Pearson says:

      You are welcome to participate in our summer listening challenge! I’m sorry your town does not have a bookstore. Hopefully you’ll get a bookstore, soon!

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