Thanks for supporting local, independent bookstores! This promotion is no longer active.

How does this work?

  1. Spend at least $15 USD (or your local equivalent) at an independent bookstore—anywhere in the world—from Wednesday, November 24th through Tuesday, November 30th by midnight PT. Be sure to keep your receipt!
  2. Submit a copy of your digital or physical receipt through our form by midnight PT on Tuesday, November 30th.
  3. Look out for an email on Thursday, December 2nd with the redemption link for your free audiobook.
  4. Redeem your audiobook by 9pm PT on December 31st.
  5. Enjoy listening!

How do I submit my receipt on the form?
Please attach either a photo of a physical receipt from your bookstore showing date of purchase and purchase total, or attach a screenshot of a digital receipt from your bookstore with the same information visible. Not sure how to upload a screenshot? Follow the instructions outlined here for your device, then upload the resulting file to the form. Questions? Email us at!

Can I buy anything from my bookstore?
Yes, you can spend the $15 USD (or the equivalent in your local currency) however you’d like, whether it be on books, merchandise, gift cards, etc.

Do print pre-orders made through my bookstore qualify?
Pre-ordering print titles absolutely qualifies, as long as the pre-order is placed between 11/24-11/30. Please ask your bookstore to provide a receipt or confirmation of your pre-order so that you can submit this as proof of purchase for your free audiobook from us!

Can I spend more that $15 at my independent bookstore to redeem multiple audiobooks through this offer?
Please do spend as much as you’d like to support your local, independent bookstore during these trying times. However, you may only redeem one audiobook from this offer.

Do I need to have a membership?
Nope! Anyone can collect a free audiobook so long as they shop their local, independent bookstore and submit their receipt. You will need to sign up for a free account to redeem and listen to your audiobook, but there is no credit card information required to do so.

Is this offer available worldwide?
Yes! No matter where you live, and which independent bookstore you support, you are eligible to get a free audiobook so long as you spend $15 USD, or the equivalent in your local currency.

Does spending $15 on audiobooks or merch count?
No. To redeem this offer, you need to spend at least $15 USD (or the equivalent in your local currency) directly through an independent bookstore of your choice.

Do ebook purchases count?
No. Ebook purchases are not eligible for this offer, but physical books or any other items your bookstore might carry do!

Does spending $15 through count?
Yes, purchases made through are eligible for the offer.

Can I pick any audiobook?
No, your free audiobook must be selected from our featured list of bestselling audiobooks published this year.

Can I gift the free audiobook?
Yes! You are welcome to share the free audiobook as a gift by simply forwarding your redemption link to the recipient. If you are gifting your redemption code, please don’t click the redemption link yourself.

If the audiobooks are free, do the authors still make money?
Yes, the authors are paid their normal terms. This is a gift from!

Have a question not covered above? Please email us at!