The Six Stages of Switching

As you may know, people are switching from Audible to, so that they can support their local bookstores with their audiobook purchases. Many have jumped at the chance to switch, like these friends:

But we realize that knowing you SHOULD kick someone out of your life and actually doing it are two very different things…so we’re going to walk you through the Six Stages of Switching:

You’ve had a good run, but you’ve decided your community is more important to you than you’ll ever be to Audible.

This is the hard part. Breaking up is never easy, but maybe this letter will help just a little bit.

Let’s face it: you may have some baggage (and audiobooks) from that other relationship. Don’t worry about it. Work through it. We’ll wait for you.

Start your membership and get two audiobooks for $14.99 using code SWITCH. After that you’ll be charged $14.99 for one credit each month, and you’ll be supporting your local independent bookstore with your audiobook purchases.

You’re listening to your favorite audiobooks, discovering new listens from bookseller recommendations, and you’re supporting your community. What’s not to love?

Everyone wants a relationship like yours: one where there’s love, mutual respect, and a passion for doing what’s right. Refer to friends and family by email, via social media or with your unique referral link. When they create a membership and pay their first full month, you get a free audiobook! And you’ll both be supporting local, independent bookstores.

Madi Mullen is the Social Media Manager at She enjoys reading and listening to books, writing, and playing beach volleyball. As a PNW native, she loves every season and gets outside as much as possible to enjoy it with her family and friends.

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