10 Audiobooks Centering Black Love

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This Valentine’s Day, we asked Katherine Morgan, founder of Grand Gesture Books, to share her list of audiobook picks centering Black Love.

Grand Gesture Books is a new, Black woman–owned online bookshop devoted to romance. The brick-and-mortar storefront will open later this year in Portland, Oregon. You can support Grand Gesture Books and other Black-owned bookshops all year long through Libro.fm audiobooks!

The Boyfriend Project

By Farrah Rochon

I love a romance where instead of enacting revenge on a cheating partner, women band together and set out to become their best selves instead. This one is more than a workplace romance; it’s also a great depiction of friendship at its finest. It’s the first in a series, so get ready for some quality reading!

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By Beverly Jenkins

All hail Beverly Jenkins, the Queen of Black romances. Jenkins is well-known for her historical romance, and Forbidden is great because it depicts a Black man who lives his life passing for white who must decide on whether he should risk his entire livelihood for the woman that he loves. The stakes have never been higher.

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Before I Let Go (Skyland: Book #1)

By Kennedy Ryan

I feel like this is exactly what a true second chance romance should be: two people coming back together but learning how to trust the new person in front of you while appreciating and acknowledging the past. I love this book with all of my heart. Whew, you’ll really root for this couple, which in my opinion, is what romance is all about.

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Let Me Love You (McClain Brothers: Book #1)

By Alexandria House

I love the single parent trope, especially when the other character comes into their life and falls in love with both parent and child. This novel is so sexy and fun, and I just know that these two characters stayed together forever.

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Love Radio

By Ebony LaDelle

This young adult romance charmed me the first time I read it. One of my favorite rom-coms is Hitch, starring Will Smith and Eva Mendes, and this feels like a true age appropriate version for fans of that movie. The scene where he helps her take her braids down? I was giggling and kicking my feet. A Black woman letting you touch her hair means that she trusts you and getting to know these two made me smile.

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Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling

By Elise Bryant

I ride at dawn for Elise Bryant at all times. This quirky romance featuring two teens who pretend to be their idealized versions as they continuously bump into each other on holidays is so charming. It has great chronic illness rep and you’ll get the honor of watching two teens fall in love with each other but also with themselves.

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The Neighbor Favor

By Kristina Forrest

Anytime a romance novel is billed as You’ve Got Mail meets XYZ, I immediately scoop it up because that is one of my favorite romances of all time. The idea of writing one of my favorite authors and not realizing that he’s actually my neighbor that I’ve been harboring a crush on gives me the tingles.

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Witchful Thinking

By Celestine Martin

This one made me love and appreciate the paranormal romance genre. Two former high school students reunite as adults and fall in love as they each take on their own personal challenges head on and together. I read this and immediately decided to read the second novel in the series, which was just as good. Martin is a true treasure.

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Black Love Matters

By Jessica P. Pryde

As a new romance bookstore owner, I get asked why I decided to focus solely on this genre, and honestly, it’s because even though romance has made bigger strides, the genre is still very white. It’s very important that I show diversity in all shapes and sizes. This anthology speaks to readers about why it’s impactful for Black readers to see themselves being loved on the page. There’s so many great authors in this one too, so readers can find new favorites to enjoy. It’s so lovely.

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I’m So (Not) Over You

By Kosoko Jackson

Second chance romance AND the fake dating trope?! Sign me up RIGHT NOW! This one feels so refreshing and offers what feels like a new twist to two very popular tropes at this time. It’s a delight, and I know that you’ll enjoy it too!

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