30 of Our Top Romance Audiobooks

It comes as no surprise that romance audiobooks tend to be some of the most recommended by our bookselling partners! Romance holds a special place in many readers’ hearts, and with a range of audiobooks becoming more and more available—from queer stories to steamy (or not-so-steamy) reads to coming of age tales—there truly is something for everyone. 


Thank You for Listening

By Julia Whelan

“Not only is Thank You For Listening a love letter to the romance genre, it is a love letter specifically to romance audiobooks. Julia Whelan is a delight as both a writer and a narrator, bringing us a compelling story about love, loss, and self acceptance.”

— Emma, Books Inc.

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Happy Place

By Emily Henry

“Wow! I LOVED this book! I couldn’t stop listening! I needed to know how each character grew and loved, oh how they loved! I long for a love as true as theirs. I could immediately listen to it all over again.”

— Penny, Birchbark Books

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Book Lovers

By Emily Henry

“Emily Henry’s Book Lovers is just plain awesome. Meet Nora Stephens, her whole life is books-she’s been unlucky in love but her career as a literary agent is flourishing. When her sister Libby convinces her to take a month off and accompany her to a small town in North Carolina to slow down and unwind she has no idea it’s the hometown of publishing nemesis, Charlie Lastra. Will sparks fly or will Nora run away back to the city? This is the PERFECT summer read!”

— Kathleen, A Great Good Place for Books

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Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries

By Heather Fawcett

“Meet Emily Wilde, one of the leading experts on the fair folk and faerie world. Emily is a dedicated, introverted professor with an eye and heart for magic, but where she excels at academia, she struggles at people skills. When she travels to the faerie populated town of Ljosland to work on her Encyclopaedia, the last person she expects to find there is her academic (and frustratingly handsome) rival Wendell Bambleby. Charming where Emily is reserved, Wendell begins to help Emily with her research, slowly but surely helping her become friendly with the town’s inhabitants. But as Emily and Wendell work together to uncover the secrets of the fay world, Emily begins to wonder if Wendell’s own mysterious past is something worth exploring. With a dark faerie world and a charming-yet-frustrating love interest, Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries is cozy academia fantasy with a historical setting that is perfect for readers of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Howl’s Moving Castle!”

— Kelly, Mysterious Galaxy Books

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Act Your Age, Eve Brown

By Talia Hibbert

“A satisfying conclusion to an absolutely delightful series! In the final installment of the trilogy, we follow the youngest Brown sister, Eve, a lovable hot mess who is looking to prove to her parents that she can get her life together. Her attempts to turn things around lead her to accidentally interview for as job as a chef at a bed and breakfast. The owner of the B&B, Jacob, is Eve’s polar opposite on paper, so they naturally get off to a bad start. It doesn’t help that Eve also hits him with her car! As the pair begin to learn more about each other, the sweetest romance blooms. Talia Hibbert proves once again that she knows how to write a romantic comedy!”

— Tyrinne, Cafe con Libros

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Beach Read

By Emily Henry

“Full of wit and heart I fell hard for Beach Read. A romance author seeks solace in a lakeside resort town to grieve the loss of her father, only to find her college nemesis and publishing’s current literary darling is her next-door neighbor. The heroine is so funny and relatable (I too would like to keep a bottle of wine in purse for fortification). I loved it so much I read the physical book, and listened to the audiobook.”

— Jessica, Country Bookshelf

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The Starless Sea

By Erin Morgenstern

“This book has an ethereal feeling that you get wrapped up in while reading. Nothing quite makes sense but that’s just as it should be. You’re hooked. It is so atmospheric, so meta, so fascinating. I’ve heard many interpretations of this book, and each one makes perfect sense. And it’s all of this with a gay main character and romance and the central theme, the central pillar being a love of and devotion to stories. Of course I was going to love it.”

— Miriasha, Phoenix Books

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Yerba Buena

By Nina LaCour

“A Nina LaCour Novel (noun): a kiss on your forehead as you’re tucked in at night, a cathartic cry in the shower, a perfectly made cup of coffee in your favorite mug, a well-mixed cocktail condensation sweating down the sides of the glass on a hot summer night, a sad song on the radio on a long drive, a familiar face in an unexpected place, feeling at home in quiet spaces, and out of body in familiar places. Yerba Buena is everything you’d want from Nina LaCour’s adult debut. Two young women, each laden with generations of burdens and hope find each other and fall in love. But circumstance has never been kind to either. Each wants so desperately to find the footing that feels most right to them, constantly mis-stepping on their way to becoming better partners, better sisters, better workers and the person they want to be.”

— Cassie, Wellesley Books

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Take a Hint, Dani Brown

By Talia Hibbert

Take a Hint, Dani Brown is the most fun I’ve had reading a book all year. The banter between all of the characters was hilarious and relatable. The moments of compassion between Dani and Zaf on which their relationship is built emphasize the power in vulnerability. Zaf’s struggles with anxiety and Dani’s struggles against her own insecurities are so familiar and understandable. Hibbert has entirely embraced the friends-to-lovers and fake-dating tropes to create the most heart-warming book, and she will be an automatic-buy author for me in the future. This is a great book for adults looking for some diverse romance and a comfort read. Some content warnings include anxiety, racism, death of a parent, death of a sibling and explicitly sexual content, but none of these topics are the focus of the story.”

— Endya, Beausoleil Books

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The Authenticity Project

By Clare Pooley

“The list of books I would put into everyone’s hands if I could is rather short, but this one has joined the others there. It’s charming and kind in a way you don’t get nearly often enough, and the characters are as diverse as they are real and complex. Also just a lovely audiobook.”

— Jane, Rediscovered Books

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Get a Life, Chloe Brown

By Talia Hibbert

“I am so here for this book! Chloe Brown is now one of my favorite heroines in a romance. It was incredibly refreshing to have a main character with a chronic illness. I have a chronic illness that is invisible as well and felt truly represented by this book. The love story and love interest Red was super swoon-worthy. These are complex characters and I loved Chloe’s sisters – I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Also – the audiobook for this is AMAZING! The narrator Adjoa Andoh is officially one of my favorite narrators now.”

— Christine, BookBar

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Red, White & Royal Blue

By Casey McQuiston

“To everyone who started telling me to read this book a year ago, I’m sorry. You were right – I loved it, unequivocally. The romance was sweet and gentle and real. But the humor put it over the top for me. I needed to laugh like that, desperately. And I did, a lot. A whole lot. But I also cried – because this book is pure, wholesome, and hopeful, even when it dipped into the darker places (with so much grace). Red, White, & Royal Blue gave my heart wings, and I’m still soaring. So to everyone who’s still hesitant, don’t be me – get on this train ASAP.”

— Britt, Second Star to the Right

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Love, Theoretically

By Ali Hazelwood

“I love this book so much! I cried halfway through at the job offer reveal because I felt so emotionally connected and related to Elsie that it was too much not to feel what she felt. This is by far my favorite Ali Hazelwood book yet – so much STEM, so much spice, many laughs, terrible jokes, and heartfelt connections. I really enjoyed Elsie and her struggles and journey through the academic world and coming to terms with who she is. Also – Jack! Definitely perfect book boyfriend material and a complex character. <3 This is a comfort book and the perfect audiobook escape!”

— Anna, The Well-Read Moose

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Honey Girl

By Morgan Rogers

“This will be the most beautiful love story you read this year. This story curves and twirls and spirals along a golden, sparkly path of whirlwind romance and great expectations and finding one’s true self, and making mistakes and accepting imperfection and learning to change plans and go with the flow. Honey Girl is beautiful and lovely and you will laugh and you will cry and you will read passages aloud because they are as delicious as the first sticky sweet bite of a ripe orange straight from the tree. This book will transport you into the stars where you will dance among the constellations and marvel at the raw beauty of it all. As Grace Porter fell in love with Yuki Yamamoto, I fell in love with Honey Girl.”

— Ryan, Gibson’s Bookstore

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The Love Hypothesis

By Ali Hazelwood

“From the start of the book you’re introduced to characters who are unapologetically themselves which is refreshing and wonderful to hear! You have some serious moments sprinkled into a wonderfully trope-filled book that makes you giggle and blush as you listen to the cutest rom-com out there.”

— Emily, A Novel Experience

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One Last Stop

By Casey McQuiston

“McQuiston delivers a delightful sophomore novel that surprised me. Though similar to Red, White, and Royal Blue, One Last Stop adds a science fiction time loop element that makes it fun and different. I had major missing-Brooklyn-feels while listening to this! McQuiston perfectly captures the magic of Brooklyn and the MTA (both good and bad). They have a super strong cast of characters that celebrates found family and kindness. McQuiston redefines what a modern romance can be by combining genres and featuring a strong queer relationship.”

— Kimi, Buttonwood Books and Toys

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The Ex Hex

By Erin Sterling

“A witchy good time – I almost wished it was longer. This is a perfect rom-com with an incredibly fun dash of witchery, drunken hexes, regrettable exes, and so much more. An average young break up is not-so-average when they’re both witches. One ill-advised drunken hex later, and everything goes haywire when the two jilted lovers are brought back into each other’s lives. This was the perfect audiobook to DEVOUR. You’ll love the whole cast of characters!”

— Rebecca, Volumes Bookcafe

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Love on the Brain

By Ali Hazelwood

“I am absolutely loving Ali Hazelwood’s ‘stem’ novels, and I think this one is my favorite. Not only does it take place in one of my favorite environments (NASA!!!!!) but the romance in this was so, so good…and the smut of course. But all of that aside, this was super cute and definitely a must read if you enjoyed The Love Hypothesis.”

— Quinnell, Annie Bloom’s Books

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Kiss Her Once for Me

By Alison Cochrun

“Settle in with this cozy Queer holiday romance showcasing a great cast of characters including (but not limited to) two fun boozy grandmas and an ill-tempered non-binary family friend with gushy center. Set in a snowy mountain cabin with loads of festive hijinks! Dual timelines; Quickly resolved miscommunication tropes; Force proximity; and one of the cutest snow day impromptu dates ever!”

— Zinna, A Great Good Place for Books

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Ander & Santi Were Here

By Jonny Garza Villa

“Sometimes, you pick up a book, not knowing much about it, and are caught up in the characters’ lives, hoping and wishing for the best for them. Ander & Santi was that way for me (especially on audio; Avi Roque is fantastic narrator) – I found I cared about both Ander and Santi, and was invested in their future together. Which, for me, is all the hallmarks of an excellent story, well-told.”

— Melissa, Watermark Books

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A Lady for a Duke

By Alexis Hall

“If there are two things in this world that I love, it is historical romance and trans rights. And OOH BABY let me tell you, I got both!!! This is a slow burn friends to lovers story. It has it all: sexy dukes, female friendships, regency era passive aggressiveness, and fancy balls. Plus if you are worried about their being any emphasis on transgender suffering, I promise you it does not! It is all trans happiness, love, and joy. It was such a breath of fresh air and exactly what queer people need. I can only hope we get more books like this in the future.”

— Ruthie, Underground Books

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She Gets the Girl

By Rachael Lippincott & Alyson Derrick

“The is one of those uplifting, so-cute-you-have-to-squeal books! The authors nailed the vibes of an excellent 90s rom-com (except it’s right now and sapphic.) The narrators capture Molly and Alex brilliantly! She Gets the Girl is as cute, bright, and as full of joy as a night at the roller rink.”

— Kaitee, River Bend Bookshop

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Frankly in Love

By David Yoon

“This book really hit it out of the park for me; as an Asian-American I could really relate to the main character in a lot of ways. An example of this, is Frank’s wanting to please his parents, but yet also be his own person was something that I think most people, myself included can identify with. There are definitely plot twists that keep you on your toes. It was humorous, enjoyable, and well written. I would definitely re-read this one again! I think I would even like a physical copy!”

— Cassie, The Bluestocking Bookshop

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You Should See Me in a Crown

By Leah Johnson

“Here is the novel that will restore your faith in humanity in spades. In Campbell, Indiana, being crowned prom royalty is the ultimate recognition. And this year Liz Lighty needs to win that crown because it happens to be attached to an academic scholarship she desperately needs. The cards are stacked against her: she struggles with anxiety, poverty and grief, all while being queer and Black in a staunchly traditional white culture. Alaska Jackson’s narration infuses these fresh voices with nuance and vitality. Liz Lighty’s journey to finding her voice and claiming her power in a midwestern town that has historically never made space for ‘outliers’ is a jubilant one that we are so lucky to take alongside her.”

— Jane, Bear Pond Books

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The Worst Best Man

By Mia Sosa

“Wedding planner Lina is a master at planning everything, except the moment when she’s left at the altar by her fiance. Fast forward to an important job interview when she’s forced to work with Max, her ex-fiance’s brother who may have broken them up. An ultimate enemies-to-lovers journey, this was an overall delightful read. The characters were especially dynamic, showing growth and development. The audiobook was an especially fun listen, with dual narrators really bringing the story to life.”

— Chelsea, Parnassus Books

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You Had Me at Hola

By Alexis Daria

“I don’t have enough superlatives to do this book justice. Everything is spot on, from the chemistry between the main characters to the telenovela drama to the meddling but supportive cousins. I love all the Spanish, the backstage glimpses into the making of a TV show (especially the inclusion of the intimacy coordinator), and the way the telenovela tropes, like a secret child, are woven into the grounded romance. Now I just hope Michelle and Ava get their own books soon!”

— Cecilia, East City Bookshop

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A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

By Roseanne A. Brown

“A story of magic, champions, and romance, A Song of Wraiths and Ruins is a great start for the duology. Malik and Karina’s paths are intertwined in a way that they can’t even expect and before the fifty year comet fades from the sky, they’ll come to find out how deadly that can be. I absolutely loved this story. I had the pleasure of listening to it on Libro.fm and the performance was masterful. There are two protagonists so there are two different voices. I was at the edge of my seat when I listened.”

— Kaitlin, Story on the Square

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Love Radio

By Ebony LaDelle

“Smooth, sweet and radiating with Black love and joy, Love Radio is everything you want in a contemporary YA romance. Prince is a radio DJ with his own show, where he doles out love advice. Dani is an aspiring writer and incredible student. When their paths cross in the library, sparks fly. I loved how deep each of these characters were, with their own struggles and strengths. Their flirtatious banter and their chemistry and creativity are totally engrossing, and it’s impossible not to hope these two go the distance, even from the very first track.”

— Tildy, Belmont Books

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By Axie Oh

“I love a forbidden romance story – especially if it’s a forbidden romance with a K-Pop idol! An undercover K-Pop idol meets a high school cellist at a karaoke bar. Sparks fly, but what happens next since their lives are worlds apart?”

— Amy, Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers

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How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe

By Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

“Moon Fuentez fell in love with the universe, and I fell in love with Moon. This book was utter perfection. Moon is a perfect (okay, flawed but perfectly so) narrator, and there were times when I couldn’t stop listening because I was so engrossed in the story. If you’ve ever heard of ‘driveway moments,’ I had them with this book, even though I don’t have a driveway. This book is so much more than a YA enemies to lover romance. It’s about family, culture, traditions, nature, religion, and what it means to be your truest self.”

— Tildy, Belmont Books

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Have you read any of these audiobooks? Which on the list are your favorites, and what are your go-to romance recommendations?

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