5 Ways to Support Your Bookstore During the Holidays

Libro.fm is the first audiobook company that allows you to buy audiobooks directly from your local bookstore. We believe that bookstores are pillars in their communities, and we want to see them thrive! The holidays are an especially important time for bookstores, so we’re asking you to join the movement and support your bookstore however you can. Need some ideas? Here are 5 things YOU can do to support your beloved local bookstore this holiday season:

Bring a friend to your local bookstore this holiday season.

Sharing is caring, and one of the most wonderful things you can share with your friends is the joy you feel when you walk through the doors of your local, independent bookstore.

Buy something other than books at your local bookstore.

Most bookstores carry plenty of things besides books such as socks, journals, games, etc. You might be surprised by how many people you can check off your list at the bookstore!

Update and share your Libro.fm Wishlist with family and friends.

When you see an audiobook you want, click “Add to Wishlist,” then go to your wishlist to get your unique wishlist link to share. What better way to know you’ll get exactly what you want AND your bookstore will be supported at the same time?!

Attend an author event at your local bookstore or listen to one on Libro.fm.

Bookstores provide so much more than just books. They’re gathering places in our communities and often venues for author events! Check out your bookstore’s event calendar and pick a favorite author or two to go see in person. Be sure to buy the author’s book (and maybe even get it signed!) while you’re there. You can also listen to select bookstore events on Libro.fm, like this one from Greenlight Bookstore featuring Blythe Roberson!

Become a Libro.fm member and invite your friends to try Libro.fm!

When you become a Libro.fm member, you get one audiobook credit per month and 30% off any additional audiobook purchases. But that’s nothing to the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that you’re supporting your local bookstore every single month! Already a member? Invite a friend or two to try Libro.fm, and they’ll get a free audiobook. If they choose to support their local bookstore by becoming a Libro.fm member, you’ll get one too.

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Madi Mullen

Madi Mullen is the Social Media Manager at Libro.fm She enjoys reading and listening to books, writing, and playing beach volleyball. As a PNW native, she loves every season and gets outside as much as possible to enjoy it with her family and friends.

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