Audiobooks for Cats is now offering Audiobooks for Cats!

Audiobooks for dogs? They’ll listen to anything—they’re easy to please and always happy to oblige, with tail wags galore. The real challenge? Audiobooks for cats. These fine felines will make you work for it. Those who view them as challenging or hifalutin are right: the feline is selective, loyal, and highly discerning when it comes to literature.

We like to think of it as feline independence.

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Listen Before it’s Cool

The cat voices you’ll hear were hand-selected by experts who captured natural ambiance from catnip fields at local farms. Played through the latest scratch-pad speakers, these tracks are the latest in kitten culture.

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Cats Can’t Read

Don’t let the blue and green slow-blinks fool you. With cat eyeglass technology lagging, your felines can now get their story fix through audiobooks. What could be better than closing one’s eyes to the story of Puss In Boots?

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Cat Nip Companion

Audiobooks and a fresh satchel of nip make the perfect pairing. Let your cat’s paws curl in relaxation, or even better, let them knead a human neck while taking in the aroma of nepetalactone and listening to one of our classic audiobooks.

Audiobooks are Purr-fect

“Every time I came home Snickers would have torn the curtains to shreds. Now that she has audiobooks, not only are the curtains in one piece but she’s vacuumed the house and washed the dishes. She’s a good girl now, aren’t you snickerbickers… yes you are.”
Christie K. / Seattle, WA

Give your feline friend 15 minutes of fame!
When you post a photo on Instagram of your cat enjoying audiobooks with the hashtags #audiobooksforcats, #felineindependence, and #meowforbookstores, they will also make a guest appearance on the Catstagram!

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