Audiobooks for Businesses and Organizations is an easy audiobook alternative for businesses and organizations to quickly distribute reads widely, in addition to the convenience of listening at home while you work, exercise, or prepare a meal. And with, your bulk audiobook purchase supports the independent bookstore of your choice!

Given all that has taken place in our communities, there’s been a huge increase in audiobook listening. In particular, we’ve seen an increase in bulk purchases of anti-racist audiobooks for businesses, and many of these purchases have been made in support of Black-owned bookstores. Read on to learn about how you can buy audiobooks in bulk for your business or organization today.

“Partnering with has been a seamless customer experience. At HubSpot, we’re passionate about helping our employees learn and grow, and has empowered us to give back to independent and Black-owned bookstores as part of that commitment. They’ve gone above and beyond to answer any questions to ensure our needs are met.”

Tina Do & Olivia Reardon, HubSpot audiobooks for organizations

Here’s a bit more about how buying audiobooks in bulk could work for your organization: 

Buy specific audiobooks in bulk.

Pick an audiobook, pick the quantity, and choose a bookstore to support with your purchase. will apply a bulk discount and provide simple redemption links for you to share.

Buy audiobook credits in bulk.

If you’d rather let people choose their own audiobooks, you can purchase audiobook credits in bulk for $15 per credit, select a bookstore to support with your purchase, and then send the credits to recipients via redemption links.

Set up your organization’s Library.

We offer other models for organizations as well, including a Library that allows employees to have access to a selection of audiobooks and choose the ones they’d like to download.  

Note: Redemption links never expire (unless you’d like them to!) and can be redeemed by individuals all over the world.

As we move to virtual LinkedIn Speaker Series events, we are excited to still be able to provide employees with access to our inspiring guests’ books, in audio version. And it’s such a nice bonus that supports local bookstores. It was very easy to place an order and we appreciate that we just get one link that can be downloaded multiple times – it makes the fulfillment much smoother than if we were provided with hundreds of special codes. I look forward continuing to work with to support our LinkedIn Speaker Series! 

Rachelle Diamond, LinkedIn audiobooks in bulk for organizations


  • All purchases support local, independent bookstores and put money back into your community–a great alternative to Audible for Business
  • It’s quick and easy to send audiobooks to people all over the world.  
  • 185,000+ audiobooks to choose from, including bestsellers and bookseller-recommended favorites
  • Audiobooks are an increasingly popular way to consume content, representing the fastest growing category in publishing (30% YOY).
  • Free iOS and Android apps for easy listening.
  • No tech requirements, beyond computer and smartphone access for users.
  • User-friendly set-up, and no maintenance required for your organization. 
  • Dedicated support team at

Find more information on our website. To obtain a specific pricing quote, contact

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