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Founded in 2014, makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks through your local bookshops. Now, companies and organizations can join for Business—a social good alternative to Amazon’s now-defunct Audible for Business, allowing companies to invest in professional and personal development while financially supporting a local bookshop.

Audiobooks are the fastest growing category in publishing, and with a large portion of the workforce operating remotely, an in-house audiobook program can help employees reclaim their downtime and get a much-needed break from screens.

Even more, supporting a bookstore through for Business keeps money in local economies and increases stability for small businesses. “It isn’t uncommon for bookstores in the United States to have a net income of only $10,000,” says Mark Pearson, co-founder and CEO. “A single company signing up with can boost the bottom line and help a local bookstore thrive.”

Read on to learn how it works, the benefits for your company, and more.

How for Business works

  • Companies offer employees a curated collection of audiobooks. 
  • works with companies to select audiobook options, including bookseller recommendations, from our catalog of 400,000+ audiobooks.
  • Each company sets its own monthly download limits.
  • Employees worldwide can browse audiobooks and listen on the free app (iOS and Android).
  • provides dedicated customer support for companies and employees, as well as reporting, ongoing curation, and optimization recommendations.
  • directs a percentage of the revenue to a local bookshop (or multiple bookshops) selected by the participating company.

“It isn’t uncommon for bookstores in the United States to have a net income of only $10,000. A single company signing up with can boost the bottom line and help a local bookstore thrive.”

Mark Pearson, co-founder and CEO of

How your company can benefit

  • Through a company book club, audiobooks can kick-start intentional conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. Start with this playlist!
  • Audiobooks pair well with activities that promote self care and mental health, like cooking, exercising, gardening, and more.
  • Eco-friendly: Avoiding manufacturing, printing, and shipping, audiobooks have a low carbon footprint.
  • Audiobooks deliver instantly, avoiding supply chain backups.
  • Acts of social good boost employee morale, and giving back to your community through bookstores impacts countless lives.
  • It’s easy: there are no tech requirements (beyond computer and smartphone access for users) user-friendly set-up, and no maintenance required.

“Partnering with has been a seamless customer experience. At HubSpot, we’re passionate about helping our employees learn and grow, and has empowered us to give back to independent and Black-owned bookstores as part of that commitment. They’ve gone above and beyond to answer any questions to ensure our needs are met.”

Olivia Reardon, HubSpot
DEI Group meeting via zoom app on desk

“As we move to virtual LinkedIn Speaker Series events, we are excited to still be able to provide employees with access to our inspiring guests’ books, in audio version. And it’s such a nice bonus that supports local bookstores.”

Rachelle Diamond, LinkedIn

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