Audiobooks for Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the vital roles that women have played in shaping our country and our world.
Check out these bookseller recommendations for Women’s History Month, and see the full Women’s History Month playlist.
[audiobook title=”Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy” isbn=”9780062332165″ image=”” author=”Karen Abbott” ]”One of my favorite women’s history titles to recommend.” BrocheAroe Fabian, River Dog Book Co.[/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Internment” isbn=”9781549175343″ image=”” author=”Samira Ahmed” ]”A well thought out story, set 15-minutes in the future. It is a much needed story at this time in our country. Perfect for teens and adults alike!” Markie Rustad, Liberty Bay Books[/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Lost Girls of Paris” isbn=”9781488205699″ image=”” author=”Pam Jenoff” ]”It’s narrated by 3 empowering women, whose stories are interwoven beautifully in a tale of female friendship and strength during WWII. ” Britt M. Hopkins, Second Star to the Right[/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Walk Through Walls” isbn=”9780735284814″ image=”” author=”Marina Abramovic” ]Recommended by Amber Neva Brown, Quail Ridge Books[/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”I Am Malala” isbn=”9781478979791″ image=”” author=”Malala Yousafzai” ]”Malala’s courage, determination, and kindness are qualities that we could all learn to do/have. She is highly intelligent and her memoir is a peek into her life just before and after she was attacked. She has a beautiful soul, and is someone we could all learn from.” Markie Rustad, Liberty Bay Books[/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy” isbn=”9780062855947″ image=”” author=”Mackenzi Lee” ]”A smart and courageous heroine who knows who she is, what she wants, and persists in the face of unsurmountable adversity AKA the man’s world of the 1700s. Her friends provide a wonderful juxtaposition to Felicity, showcasing the breadth of what it meant to be a modern woman at the time.” Britt M. Hopkins, Second Star to the Right[/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”These Truths” isbn=”9781980010876″ image=”” author=”Jill Lepore”]”Lepore has written a wonderful history of the United States including the long fight to recognize the rights of women.” Michael Kelleher, A Great Good Place for Books[/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Becoming” isbn=”9780525633686″ image=”” author=”Michelle Obama” ]Recommended by Amber Neva Brown, Quail Ridge Books[/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Proud” isbn=”9781549113567″ image=”” author=” Ibtihaj Muhammad” ]”I love it when authors narrate their own books; in this case it made for an even more powerful story of talent, hard work and dedication, perseverance, and her ability to rise above all the obstacles people stacked against her.” Beth Seufer Buss, Bookmarks[/audiobook]

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