Audiobooks of the Month: Masked Mystery

The days are getting dark, the pumpkins are growing orange, and the ghosts are making their neighborhood debut. You know what that means: it’s October, the perfect month to cuddle up with a warm drink and get chilled by a mystery or thriller, sure to raise the hair on any black cat. We’ve compiled a perfect Halloween list to accompany that trick-or-treat bag filled with candy. Enjoy!

Deemed by USA Today as “ambitious, heartbreaking, and…all too timely,” Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and his son Owen King explores the horror of a planet with no women.

Both a bestselling book and megahit movie, Stieg Larsson’s psychological thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the perfect listen if you want chills sent up your spine.

The New York Times called queen of suspense Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None “utterly fascinating” and “the most baffling mystery” she’s ever written.

Hide under the covers and enjoy the second novel in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series, The Girl Who Played With Fire, “ which Entertainment Weekly called “(a) gripping, stay-up-all-night read.”

Perfect for your All Hallow’s Eve, Denis Lehane’s NYT bestseller Shutter Island will keep you guessing—and glancing over your shoulder—until the very end.

Vanity Fair said, “Nothing is more addicting than The Girl on the Train,” so what could be a better pairing for your Halloween candy than this Paula Hawkins mystery?

Light those Jack-o’-lanterns and cue up Chris Pavone’s NYT Bestselling thriller, The Expats, dubbed by The Guardian as being “Expertly and intricately plotted, with a story spiraling into disaster…”

With The Cuckoos Calling, J.K. Rowling left the wizarding world to write a crime novel that the New York Times says contains “propulsive suspense.”

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl contains what Entertainment Weekly called “…a genuinely creepy villain you don’t see coming.” What could be a better for your Halloween night?

Neil Gaiman’s million-selling Young Adult novel The Graveyard Book stars a boy who from infancy was raised by ghosts, werewolves, and other cemetery denizens.

Learn the origins of Halloween and how our rituals came about through Ray Bradbury’s eerie novel The Halloween Tree.

Called by USA Today, “A story with a ratcheting sense of unease,” The Breakdown by B.A. Paris is certain to give you a good dose of chills.

New York Times bestselling author Ruth Ware (of The Woman in Cabin 10 fame) has a new thriller, The Lying Game, that is sure to keep you up at night.

 Jurassic Park’s, Michael Crichton returns to his paleontological roots in this Wild West thriller, Dragon Teeth.

Spend this Halloween traveling to sixteenth-century Spain, where you can visit the dangerous, high-stakes world of politics and religion in Matthew Carr’s The Devils of Cardona.

 If you like your murder mysteries British, then Susie Steiner’s Missing, Presumednamed one of the best books of the year by NPR—will be perfect for a hair-raising night.

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