Audiobooks We’re Thankful For

Happy November! In a season of gratitude, we’re reflecting on how thankful we are for our customers, our bookstore partners, and, of course, audiobooks.

We asked several of our bookseller partners to share an audiobook that they’re thankful for and why they are thankful for that particular audiobook. Here are their answers:

[audiobook title=”American Wolf” isbn=”9780525493280″ author=”Nate Blakeslee” narrator=”Mark Bramhall”]”The story itself is just incredible, but Mark’s narration just took it to a whole other level. Still one of my favorite audio books of all time.” Mary, Anderson’s Bookshop[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”Lit” isbn=”9780061901584″ author=”Mary Karr” narrator=”The Author”]”Mary Karr reading her memoir, LIT, is, well, lit.” Angel, Sunrise Books[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”A Dirty Job” isbn=”9780060878528″ author=”Christopher Moore” narrator=”Fisher Stevens”]”My boy is dyslexic and has an audio processing issue. He wanted to read so badly but just wasn’t able to until middle school. Somewhere we got an audible of A Dirty Job, and he found he was able to read along with the audio. It was the moment the lightbulb for reading went off for him. It’s still hard, but he loves to read and I will never forget the moment he figured out he could because of this audio.” Cindi, Ink Spell Books[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”The Line Tender” isbn=”9781984845450″ author=”Kate Allen” narrator=”Jenna Lamia”]”Wow. What a reader. you’d never know it was a middle grade novel.” Dana, Snowbound Books[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”How to Forget” isbn=”9780062846853″ author=”Kate Mulgrew” narrator=”The Author”]”Myself and my husband have aging grandparents that our parents and older relatives are supporting, and listening to the experiences of someone in their shoes was enlightening. A must-listen for the children of people who have stepped into the role of caretaker (as well as for the caretakers and everyone else).” Laura, The Red Hen Bookshop[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”Spinning Silver” isbn=”9780525530992″ author=”Naomi Novik” narrator=”Lisa Flanagan”]”It is so beautifully read, with such nuance that you can even tell when the narration is changing character without it being mentioned explicitly. So atmospheric, and absolutely captivating to listen to.” Shoshana, Flashlight Books[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”The Book of Delights” isbn=”9781980013068″ author=”Ross Gay” narrator=”The Author”]”If I’m having a crappy day/week/month/eternity, listening to Ross Gay regale me with his delight in the little things and the big things, the ridiculous and the sublime, the beautiful and the kind of gross never fails to elevate my mood.” Billie, Third Street Books[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”Tell Me A Story” isbn=”9780062960375″ author=”Cassandra King Conroy” narrator=”Susan Bennett”]”Delightful story that included so many other authors, books, writing, and joy. Often funny with poignant moments through their marriage, I have gone on to listen to books by both authors.” Tricia, Mostly Books[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”The Only Plane in the Sky” isbn=”9781508295822″ author=”Garrett M. Graff & Holter Graham” narrator=”A Full 45-person Cast”]”This is jaw-dropping and heartbreaking.” Julie, Warwick’s[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”Janis” isbn=”9781508296362″ author=”Holly George-Warren” narrator=”Nina Arianda”]”Janis was amazing! I’ve loved her music for a long time but didn’t really know as much about her as I thought I did. This book is so well-researched with info from family, friends, bandmates, archives, interviews, and the MANY letters that she wrote that I feel like she is alive and telling her own story. Though it ended in tragedy, there were so many happy and uplifting times in her life. I LOVED IT!” Sarah, Iconoclast Books & Gifts[/audiobook]

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