Best Bookstore Chalkboards

Bookstagram is full of daily delights to feast your eyes on, but one of our favorites to follow is bookstore chalkboards. There’s something about a hand-drawn sign that is irresistible in this age of perfectly polished digital personas. You can see the hand of the bookseller at work, the chalky patina of past drawings fading around the edges of the board. Sandwich board marketing is about as lo-fi as it gets, and we love it for that very reason. With their clever quotes and cheeky humor, bookstore chalkboards remind us of the humanity that you’ll encounter when you walk through the door. An algorithm might greet you by name onscreen, but an independent bookstore will wrap you in a warm embrace.

Here are a few of the top contenders for best bookstore chalkboard. Check out the American Booksellers Association (@americanbooksellers) and @librofm on Instagram for more!

Photo: @quailridgebooks

Audiobooks may not have been helping for quite as long, but they are extremely effective.

Photo: @splitrockbks

And who doesn’t love presents?

Photo: @iambooksboston

I mean, can you even imagine? No thank you, move along.

Photo: @breakwaterbookstore

Who knew that Van Gogh was a bibliophile? You learn something new every day.

Photo: @laplayabooks

Finally, the recognition we have been craving for years.

Photo: @politicsprose @pandpwharf

Look at this crackerjack drawing of Matilda! Kudos to the artist.

Photo: @buffalostreetbooks

And speaking of art, this one is a beauty.

Photo: @bards_alley

Fact: It’s always the right time to buy a new book.

Photo: @baybooksmi


Photo: @bookieshomewood

Well you don’t need to tell me twice. Bring on the books!

Photo: @bards_alley

Big bonus of audiobooks: you don’t even have to open your eyes to read.

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