Express & Protect Yourself with Bookish Face Masks

Wearing face masks is an important aspect of keeping yourself and others safe during the pandemic, even when it’s not fun. But there’s a silver lining! Masks are an opportunity to make a statement about the things we love. And since you’re here, we’re going to assume that the things you love include books. Find bookish face masks as well as the link to purchase them below!

Support a good cause and share your love of a good book.

Our friends at Out of Print (a literary gift company now owned by Penguin Random House) are selling a ton of great bookish face masks, and they’re donating a portion of sales to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC), the organization which helps booksellers in financial need. 

In honor of the rescheduled Independent Bookstore Day on August 29th, you can wear this mask from the event’s organizers.

For booklovers across the beverage-preference spectrum, check out these options from Etsy seller NerrrdyApparel.

Or express yourself with these options.

There’s also this straightforward message to the world from TeeRess.

Or check out these designs from Etsy seller DaynaSchillershop.

Speak your truth (and Darcy’s) with this mask featuring a Pride and Prejudice quote! 

Or, if the quiet is more your thing, Silent Book Club is a great place to go for your bookish face masks.

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