Introducing our Bookstore Finder Map

Finding an independent bookstore to support with your membership just got even easier. With our Bookstore Finder map, you can search by location or name, and select the partner bookstore of your choosing. 

Even better, you have the option of filtering your results to find bookstores with owners who identify as AAPI, Black, Disabled, Indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQ+, women, or authors. 

The mastermind behind this map is Priya, one of our software engineers who joined in October of 2020. We asked her a few questions about how this all came together!

Question: What are you most excited about with this map? 

Priya: I’m most excited for people to be able to find new local bookstores in their community more easily. For example, I was born and raised in Houston and yet, I didn’t actually know of many of the bookstores in my area until I created this map. There was a mystery specialty bookstore just 30 minutes from my house I had never heard of but had been around since 1980. I want everyone to be able to discover new local gems in their communities.

I am also incredibly excited about the map’s filters. Mapping out all of the Black-owned bookstores, for example, and Disabled-owned bookstores, and other types of bookstores allows booksellers to share more about their store and allows customers to connect with and know more about where they’re shopping.

Q: What were some of the challenges with building this? 

Priya: Learning the technology to create this map was a pretty big challenge—I have never created an interactive map like this before, so I had to learn a lot on the go as I created the map (but that’s how it always goes!).

Q: Work drink of choice? Coffee, tea, energy drinks, beer…?

Priya: Always coffee. Several cups per day. I may or may not have moved to Seattle exclusively for the coffee scene.

Q: Anything else you want listeners to know?

Priya: I think we are all trying to be more thoughtful about where we shop these days. So, I hope this map helps you find new bookstores in your community to support that really resonate with you and also helps you meet the incredible booksellers who make the places so special.

Thanks, Priya!

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