Donate to an Independent Bookstore in Need

The pandemic has proved to be a challenging time for retail shops, and independent bookstores are no exception. Beyond buying books, gift cards, and more, you can also support your local bookstore directly through their crowdfunding efforts.

Browse the directory below and help keep the doors open for a bookstore today!

United States


Alley Cat Books GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
San Francisco, CA

Angel City Books & Records GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Santa Monica, CA

City Lights Bookstore GoFundMe  Twitter logo
San Francisco, CA

Dog Eared Books Castro GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
San Francisco, CA

Larry Edmunds Bookshop GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Los Angeles, CA

Marcus Books GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Oakland, CA

Walden Pond Books GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Oakland, CA



District of Columbia



Maomi Bookstore GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Chamblee, GA


Anderson’s Bookshop GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Naperville, Downers Grove, and La Grange, IL Storefront



Community Book Center GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
New Orleans, LA


Quill Books & Beverage GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Westbook, ME


Andover Bookstore GoFundMe  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Andover, MA

I AM Books GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Boston, MA

Jabberwocky Books GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Boston, MA


Bookbug GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Kalamazoo, MI Storefront

Curious Book Shop GoFundMe  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
East Lansing, MI



Bliss Books & Wine  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Kansas City, MO Storefront


Bad Rock Books GoFundMe
Columbia Falls, MT

New Jersey

New York

Kitchen Arts & Letters Inc GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
New York, NY

North Carolina

Rofhiwa Book Café  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Durham, NC


Rhode Island


Ken Sanders Rare Books GoFundMe  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Salt Lake City, UT


Read Books GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Virginia Beach, VA Storefront


West Virginia

Taylor Books GoFundMe  Instagram logo  Twitter logo  Facebook logo
Charleston, WV Storefront


Niche Book Bar KickStarter  Instagram logo  Facebook logo
Milwaukee, WI


If we’re missing any crowdfunding efforts or need corrections on what’s posted above, please let us know in the comments! We will be updating this blog continuously.

Note: Stores listed with Storefronts below are partner stores—meaning that when you purchase audiobooks from their Storefront, it directly supports their bookstore. If you’re affiliated with a bookstore and want to become a partner, email and we’ll take care of the rest.

Featured image via Vroman’s Bookstore

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