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You’re sitting in your car, bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The radio is playing the same songs you heard on your commute this morning. You switch to your local public radio station, but their quarterly funding campaign is in full effect and you really don’t want to be pleaded with since you’ve already donated. This traffic is moving so slowly, it probably wouldn’t be too dangerous to pick your book from your messenger bag, and read, just until the pace picks up again. And you are dying to see how this chapter ends. You could read a sentence, look up, read another sentence, look up, and so on . . .

STOP! This is a terrible idea. Just like texting and driving is dangerous, reading and driving is even worse. Traffic could start going at any moment, and you’re just one really engrossing paragraph away from a fender-bender. Besides, pausing after each sentence will prohibit you from fully engaging with your book.

This is why you need audiobooks.

You need Nicholas Sparks to lift you out of your daily driving drudgery. You need to bring Tina Fey along to groove with you on the elliptical at the gym. You need to invite Donna Tartt into your kitchen while you make dinner.

Because if you don’t, you’ll wind up in a car wreck, seasick on the elliptical, and eating frozen pizza while you lose yourself in reading.

Trust us. We’ve been there.

That’s why we’ve brought thousands of the best audiobooks together at Book nerds at heart, we found that our busy lives blocked us from doing what we love, namely, reading. But now we are happy to report that we are free from book-related accidents, and even productive, functioning contributors to society. In fact, we think that this is our best contribution yet. is a new online bookstore for audiobooks, launching this spring. If you are new to audio, it’s never been easier to get started. Among our titles we’re sure you’ll find something to interest you. Classics? Thrillers? Business? We have you covered.

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