Go Green With Your Gifting!

We’re all looking for ways to be a little kinder to our Earth. While there is always more to do, we’re happy to report that Libro.fm audiobook purchases not only support your independent bookstore and make your community stronger, they create zero waste.

When you buy or gift audiobooks through Libro.fm:

  • There is NO SHIPPING involved–meaning no carbon footprint. This also means that audiobooks make for a great last-minute gift.
  • There is NO PACKAGING–you just open the Libro.fm app on your phone and your audiobook magically appears.
  • Plus, you support your LOCAL bookstore–shopping through local businesses in general means that less packaging, less transportation, and a smaller carbon footprint is made by your purchases.

We’d love to know–besides getting your audiobooks through Libro.fm, what steps are you taking to go green? Leave a comment below.

The holidays are a hugely important time for bookstores—they make or break their year. When you purchase or gift Libro.fm audiobooks, you help deliver revenue to local bookstores, as profits from Libro.fm sales are split with partner stores. Join the movement and gift audiobooks this holiday season.

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