Independent Bookstores are the Future

Online shopping, and one large online retailer in particular, has taken over the retail world, but there is one category of brick-and-mortar business that is thriving…independent bookstores. From 2009 to 2018, they grew by almost 50%.

Why? Because with an independent bookstore, you get community. We try to make sure that every time you visit, you feel the same sense of community as when you walk through the doors of your local bookstore.

“You have to attribute this renewed interest in independent bookstores to a sense of community, a sense of neighborhood-ness,” says Bradley Graham, co-owner of partner store Politics and Prose.

With independent bookstores, you also get books that have been curated specifically for you by expert booksellers. That’s one of the reasons we’re proud to feature bookseller recommendations on

“A bookstore is like a conversation,” says Angela Maria Spring, owner of partner store Duende District. “When you walk inside a bookstore and you look at the displays, the books, everything they have out, that is the bookseller having that conversation with a customer.”

Customers value the community and thoughtful curation that independent bookstores bring to the table, and that’s why they are “the anti-Amazon, anti-retail-apocalypse future.”

We’re celebrating our bookstore partners with FREE audiobooks on Independent Bookstore Day. Sign up now and collect your free audiobooks on Saturday, April 27th.

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