Introducing for Apple Watch: Version 6.0

The Apple Watch app is here! We are delighted to announce that our new iOS app update is live and available in the App Store. makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks through your local bookstore, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy, create local jobs, and make a difference in your community.

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Craig, Mobile Designer

Tell us a little bit about how long you’ve been working on this app and how you and Waleed worked together throughout the process.

Waleed and I have been working on the Watch app together for about 6 months? We had other projects happening simultaneously but this was our favorite one of course! We worked super close throughout the process; tossing ideas back and forth, iterating, and working together to come up with a final product we felt proud of for the launch! We can’t wait to get it into the hands… er… on the wrists of listeners so we can learn more and continue to improve it moving forward!

Waleed, iOS Developer

What part of the new Apple Watch app are you most proud of?

The ability to take the Libro listening experience with you wherever you are without carrying around your phone is what I’m most proud of. Throughout the development and testing process I’ve had the chance to experience the freedom that comes with this. Before I started working on this project it wasn’t something I had considered, but I love it and am happy to give others that opportunity as well!

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