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In September was featured on CBS as part of a story about MLB pitcher Sean Doolittle’s support of independent bookstores. CEO and Co-founder Mark Pearson appeared with Christine Onorati, owner of partner store WORD Bookstore, to talk about the importance of supporting bookstores. had a record day when Doolittle tweeted about the online alternatives to Amazon on Prime Day.

At a time when emphasis is being put on convenience, independent bookstores bring something to the table that Amazon can’t: community.

“Online shopping has really sort of affected our entire world,” Christine Onorati of WORD Bookstore says. “But I think that we serve a purpose in our communities that makes us a little different than a lot of other retail stores. That’s why somebody like Sean, who’s shining a spotlight on books and how important they are, will always be a great thing.”

Doolittle, a member, talks about reading as a healthy way for him to wind down from of his sometimes-stressful job. He supports independent bookstores, and back in April, he announced that he was going to visit an indie in each city his team visits.

“To me, it’s just so cool the way that these bookstores create this inviting, inclusive space,” Doolittle said. “It’s a lot more than a bookstore.”

Doolittle’s vocal support of independent bookstores is helping make people aware of the value and impact independent bookstores bring to their communities.

“When Sean Doolittle says that it’s cool to buy audiobooks and books from your local bookstore, it sends the message that books and bookstores matter, and where you buy them makes a difference,” says CEO and Co-founder Mark Pearson. “By giving your money to them, you keep that going. You keep reading alive in the community.”

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  1. So glad this exists nd that I found it. Book stores are very important to communities,and their individuals. It is great to have some that have cozy places to sit. I really miss that. As a disabled senior , I am unable to stay as long as I want too. It should be a shared space for all.

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