Listen up, kids!

We here at are happy to announce a new page tailored just for kids! We’ve heard from parents how great audiobooks can be for road trips, as an alternative to screen time, and as an educational tool. So we’ve decided to feature a host of lists just for your children, based on suggestions from real life booksellers at our independent partner bookstores!

Is your child drawn to adventure books? Introduce them to the wonderful worlds of Narnia and Harry Potter, or perhaps a futuristic New York or a Star Wars-esque Bejing!

Or perhaps they’re into mysteries. If so, we’ve got a playlist that’s perfect for your budding detective-in-training.

Gearing up for a road trip? We’ve got classics like A Wrinkle in Time and newer gems like Redwall and The Emerald Atlas to make that drive or flight a little more smooth.

This is just a sampling of our many lists, which include selections for lovers of Fantasy, Humor, Bedtime, and more. We even have list specially curated for your child’s particular age group. Come visit us now!

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