Meet a Bookseller: Nicole McManus

Happy Meet a Bookseller Monday! We’re excited to introduce bookseller Nicole McManus of My Sister’s Books in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

How did you get into bookselling?

I moved to South Carolina to care for my grandfather. My friends suggested that I create a book blog, since I have always been an avid reader, to stay in touch with the outside world. After a few years, I contacted the local bookstore to see if they needed someone to write reviews and help with social media. Long story short, six years later, I love being a part of the team! I never dreamed I would work in a bookstore.

What do you love most about being a bookseller?

Connecting people with the right book. I am a firm believer that everyone is a reader, they just need to find the one book that draws them in. It thrills me when customers come in and tell me how much they loved the book I recommended. Reading is good for the soul.

What do you love most about your bookstore?

I love that my bookstore is cozy and organized. We have over 100 reading groups in the area, and we keep their book selections in stock. Customers are always amazed at how quickly we can find books.

What are you listening to right now?

I just finished The Berenstain Bears The Trouble with Tryouts. That book brought back so many fond memories I have from my childhood. I just started Mythos. I am so excited about this one, for two reasons. 1. I LOVE MYTHOLOGY!!! 2. I listened to (on Libro!) an audiobook of Shakespeare’s poems retold, and Stephen Fry was the narrator for the modernized poems. I loved his voice, so I can’t wait to hear him narrate Mythos!

What audiobooks would you recommend or are among your favorites?

Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures, Circe, Dog Diaries, The Big Kahuna, and Sophia, Princess Among Beasts. Stories for Kids Who Dare to Be Different is a must read for all. A Bend in the Stars is my new favorite book set in WWII.

Where / when do you listen to audiobooks?

I listen in the car. (Growing up, I used to hate being in the car, because I could never read. Thanks to Libro, I am now able to listen to books.) I also am trying to listen to books at home, while I work on the computer.

What is your favorite thing about audiobooks through

I love that supports independent bookstores. It seems most everyone is wrapped up in that big corporation that they have all failed to see the importance of supporting locally-owned businesses. It is vital, especially now, to remember to support our hometown stores. So many places have closed, and people are left without jobs, and on the flip-side, when those shops close that unique shopping experience is gone.

What do you do when you’re not selling books?

Read. I work three jobs. I read every chance I get. I spend a lot of time with my Italian Greyhound, Ozzy, and my Mom.

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