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[audiobook title=”Where the Crawdads Sing” isbn=”9780525640370″ image=”” author=”Delia Owens (Penguin Random House Audio)” number=”1″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”The Witch Elm” isbn=”9781984837998″ image=”” author=”Tana French (Penguin Random House Audio)” number=”2″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Kingdom of the Blind” isbn=”9781250308139″ image=”” author=”Louise Penny (Macmillan Audio)” number=”3″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Unsheltered” isbn=”9780062865502″ image=”” author=”Barbara Kingsolver (HarperCollins)” number=”4″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Less (Winner of the Pulitzer Prize)” isbn=”9781478966296″ image=”” author=”Andrew Sean Greer” number=”5″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Nine Perfect Strangers” isbn=”9781427299130″ image=”” author=”Liane Moriarty (Macmillan Audio)” number=”6″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Once Upon a River” isbn=”9781508256786″ image=”” author=”Diane Setterfield, Juliet Stevenson” number=”7″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Pachinko (National Book Award Finalist)” isbn=”9781478907121″ image=”” author=”Min Jin Lee” number=”8″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Washington Black” isbn=”9780525642947″ image=”” author=”Esi Edugyan” number=”9″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”The Hate U Give” isbn=”9780062677082″ image=”” author=”Angie Thomas” number=”10″][/audiobook]


[audiobook title=”Becoming” isbn=”9780525633686″ image=”” author=”Michelle Obama (Penguin Random House Audio)” number=”1″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Educated ” isbn=”9780525528067″ image=”” author=”Tara Westover (Penguin Random House Audio)” number=”2″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Calypso” isbn=”9781478964162″ image=”” author=”David Sedaris (Hachette Audio)” number=”3″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Holidays on Ice” isbn=”9781600244889″ image=”” author=”David Sedaris (Hachette Audio)” number=”4″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”The Library Book” isbn=”9781508266488″ image=”” author=”Susan Orlean (Simon & Schuster Audio)” number=”5″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”How to Change Your Mind” isbn=”9780525627166″ image=”” author=”Michael Pollan” number=”6″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Heavy” isbn=”9781508265818″ image=”” author=”Kiese Laymon” number=”7″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Sapiens” isbn=”9780062796233″ image=”” author=”Yuval Noah Harari” number=”8″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Code Girls” isbn=”9781478922711″ image=”” author=”Liza Mundy” number=”9″][/audiobook]
[audiobook title=”Good and Mad” isbn=”9781508258827″ image=”” author=”Rebecca Traister” number=”10″][/audiobook]

Find your next great audiobook below or by viewing the top 50 bestsellers and pre-order bestseller list. The audiobook bestseller list reflects December 2018 sales through partner bookstores.


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