Only Time Will Tell

In 1920, Harry Clifton skips class to go to the Barrington Shipyard, where his father used to work, and where he believes he will too once he’s finally allowed to drop out of school for good. But Harry also has a beautiful voice, and this becomes his golden ticket to one of the most elite schools in all of England.

Unbeknownst to Harry, his many mentors and fans—including a hermited war hero, a choir mistress, and his mother Maisie—must make incredible sacrifices in the hopes that Harry will honor his opportunities and thrive.

Despite the heartwarming nature of Harry’s rise in social status, Only Time Will Tell is not the simple story of Harry’s newfound life of wealth and grandeur. Archer employs many narrative tripwires that have left me shocked, frustrated, and utterly amazed at the complexity of the novel. Harry must face several revelations and decisions including who his father really was and what do when England enters World War II.

This is the first book in Jeffrey Archer’s multigenerational family saga, The Clifton Chronicles.

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Only Time Will Tell - 1

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