Live Impact of #ShopBookstoresNow

COVID-19 continues to impact independent bookstores with closures and layoffs, but you can #ShopBookstoresNow and make a difference today.

Here’s What You’ve Accomplished so Far:


Money raised for bookstores through #ShopBookstoresNow


Bookstores benefited from #ShopBookstoresNow in the USA and Canada


Members who made the choice to #ShopBookstoresNow


One-month membership gifts given during #ShopBookstoresNow

Numbers reflect sales as of 7:15pm PDT on March 28th, 2020. is not earning revenue from this offer.

Here’s How You Can Help:

Start a Membership

When you start a membership with code SHOPBOOKSTORESNOW, you’ll get two audiobooks for the price of one ($14.99), and 100% of your payment will go to your local bookstore.

Already a Member?

You can purchase a one-month audiobook gift membership for $15 and 100% of your purchase will go to your bookstore, too.

Spread the Word

We’re all in this together—spread the word online with the hashtag #ShopBookstoresNow and the image below.

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Live Impact of #ShopBookstoresNow

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