Must Read Sports Romance Books on Audio 

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Sport romances have captured readers’ interest.

Their blend of competitive spirit with heartfelt narrative offers everything sports and romance novel enthusiasts crave, even featuring popular tropes like fake dating, forbidden romances, second chances, locker room scenes, and the enemies-to-lovers dynamic. Read on to discover bestselling and upcoming sport romance audiobooks!


The Long Game

By Elena Armas, narrated by Frankie Corzo & Shane East

After a viral incident, Adalyn Reyes is sent to North Carolina to rehabilitate her reputation by coaching a struggling kids’ soccer team, where she meets mysterious goalkeeper Cameron Caldani.

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Fangirl Down

By Tessa Bailey, narrated by Callie Dalton

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey, Fangirl Down is a steamy sports romance with a rom-com twist, where the bad-boy professional golfer Wells Whitaker finds love with his loyal fan Josephine Doyle, sparking unexpected chemistry on and off the green.

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When Grumpy Met Sunshine

By Charlotte Stein, narrated by Emily Spowage

In this steamy opposites-attract romance, grumpy ex-footballer Alfie Harding reluctantly hires bubbly ghostwriter Mabel Willicker to pen his memoirs. As they banter through writing sessions, their fake relationship for publicity starts feeling surprisingly real, sparking a heat neither can control.

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Cleat Cute

By Meryl Wilsner, narrated by Dana Varden & Zim Avaltrades

Meryl Wilsner’s Cleat Cute is a rivals-to-lovers rom-com set in the world of professional soccer, following two neurodivergent queers as they transition from teammates at odds to passionate lovers amidst the pressure of the World Cup.

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The Right Swipe

By Alisha Rai, narrated by Summer Morton & Brian Pallino

Rhiannon Hunter, a cynical dating app creator, prioritizes her career and casual flings. However, an ex-NFL player Samson Lima has her breaking every rule in one enchanted night, only for him to vanish. When he reappears, aligned with her business rival and promising a second chance, Rhi risks merging business with love.

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

By Mariana Zapata, narrated by Stephen Dexter & Emma Wilder

By Mariana Zapata, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me explores the romantic stories between a football player and his personal assistant. Vanessa Mazur quits as personal assistant to Aiden Graves, tired of thankless tasks. Shocked by his offer for her return and a new intimate role, Vanessa faces a daunting decision.

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Body Check

By Elle Kennedy, narrated by Samantha Cook

In this expanded edition of Elle Kennedy’s debut hockey romance Body Check, Hayden Houston is tired of her hockey-centric past. She faces a dilemma when she meets Brody Croft, a dedicated hockey player who challenges her expectations, igniting a forbidden connection amidst scandals.

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By Hannah Grace, narrated by CJ Bloom & Emmanuel Ingram

In the third book of the Maple Hills series, Henry Turner faces a challenging academic year as hockey team captain and reluctant student. When he meets Halle Jacobs, an overachieving bookworm, their unlikely friendship evolves into a tutoring arrangement that could lead to more—if they can resist breaking their own rules about love.

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Formula One racing romance

The excitement of Formula One provides a thrilling backdrop for love stories. Here are some audiobook recommendations to add to your TBR.

Cross the Line

By Simone Soltani, narrated by Vikas Adam & Nerissa Bradley


By Lauren Asher, narrated by Ramona Master & Aiden Snow

Drive Me Crazy

By Carly Robyn, narrated by Callie Dalton & Shane East

Hockey romance

Hockey romance blends adrenaline-pumping action with heartwarming moments that captivate readers.


By Hannah Grace, narrated by Elizabeth Louise & Tim Paige

Always Only You

By Chloe Liese, narrated by Nelson Hobbs & CJ Bloom

Sunny Disposition

By Deanna Grey, narrated by Charlie L Wood & John William Maddux

The Eight Best Hockey Romance Books on Audio 

Hockey might not seem like the most romantic setting, but these days, it’s where many love stories begin—or at least in books.

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In honor of the big game coming up, here are some sporty romance audiobooks to check out.

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