The Wine List(en)

An audiobook menu of wine pairings that will free you up to keep one hand on the glass, the other on the bottle from Abbey, a bookseller at partner store BookBar.

[audiobook title=”Sangiovese Rose & Everything’s Trash, but It’s Okay” isbn=”9780525643340″ image=”” author=”Phoebe Robinson”]If you’ve ever listened to Phoebe Robinson’s 2 Dope Queens, you know her take on current events and pop culture are not unlike a Sangiovese Rose: a little spicy, a lot of sweet wildberry, but with some serious meat to it. Your new BFF Pheebs is here to let you in on what it was like to meet Bono and Oprah, commiserate over our culture’s ridiculous body image issues and toxicity of masculine dating manuscripts, and to offer some much needed black female perspective on our current political landscape. Fun. Subversive. Wild. Sweet.[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”Vinho Verde & When Dimple Met Rishi” isbn=”9781520075693″ image=”” author=”Sandhya Menon”]Lightly effervescent, be ready to fall for this cheery YA rom-com that kicks off with a fun meet-cute: Dimple and Rishi’s traditional Indian-American parents have been conniving to ensure the two meet at a summer web development camp. The only problem? Rishi’s sights are 100% on finding a future wife; Dimple thinks he’s a dorky, traditional romantic. But…they make great coding partners. Hijinks and a honeycrisp story unfolds.[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”Gewurztraminer & The Dry” isbn=”9781250117632″ image=”” author=”Jane Harper”]It’s called The Dry, but it goes down pretty juicy. This perfectly-paced Australian murder mystery will have you hooked on the first sip. Small town boy (man) Federal Agent Aaron Falk returns home where his own secrets collide with the community’s most recent crimes. The acidic grisly parts of cold-blooded rural murders are perfectly offset by the residual sweetness of Harper’s characterization and pacing.[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”Pinotage & I’m Still Here” isbn=”9780525588511″ image=”” author=”Austin Channing Brown”]Known for a grape that’s rich in color and wine that’s high in antioxidants, oh taste and listen as Channing Brown preaches to your soul about her journey toward loving blackness. Her voice is the flavored smoke of social justice; she speaks about intersectionality and the historical diminishment of black women. She not only charges us to raise and actively fight for minority voices in our schools, businesses and churches, but also to see this as a necessary and even spiritual act.[/audiobook]

[audiobook title=”Chianti & The Fact of a Body” isbn=”9781427286543″ image=”” author=”Alexandria Marzano Lesnevich”]These heavy true crime tannins will stick with you; Marzano-Lesnevich investigates a devastating abuse and murder of a child as she boldly reflects on her own childhood trauma. Her honesty is visceral and intimate as she draws on her legal background to make sense of everyday horror. The experience packs a complicated bitter brightness as she raises questions about the nature of facts, law, and forgiveness.[/audiobook]

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