10 Tips for Reading Audiobooks

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Whether you’re just getting started on audio or a seasoned listener, these tips will help improve your experience.

There are a number of reasons as to why you might want to bring audiobooks into your life. Maybe you’re hoping to increase your reading time, interested in trying a new format, considering them for accessibility purposes, or wanting to improve your mental health. No matter the reason, here are some tips from the Libro.fm team.

#1: Try a new setting 

Just like when reading a physical book, you might require a certain environment or situation to focus on your audiobooks. To start, try incorporating  audiobooks into daily activities where reading isn’t possible, such as driving, running, knitting, or doing laundry.

#2: Set a sleep timer

Reading on audio can be a great way to fall asleep! On the Libro.fm app, you can set a timer so you never miss the story and know where you left off.

#3: Explore what else your favorite narrators have narrated

A compelling audiobook performance can enhance your reading experience. See what other audiobooks your favorite narrators have read, explore winners of Audiofile Earphone Awards, or check out our features on talented narrators to find your next read.

#4: Adjust narration speed

Try different listening speeds to find your preferred level. It can prevent your mind from wandering and increase your reading efficiency. You can adjust the narration speed from 0.5x to 3.5x on Libro.fm.

#5: Re-read a book you love

Not only will the story be familiar, but you might gain a new perspective through a different medium. 

#6: Switch between print and audio formats

Feel free to switch between the print and audiobook versions. It may even help retain your attention.

#7: It’s okay to DNF

DNFing (standing for “did not finish”) a book is completely fine! Sometimes it’s just not the book for you—there’s no shame in putting down an audiobook you aren’t enjoying. If you’re not satisfied with an audiobook, we’re happy to work with you on a refund for purchases made within the past six months (learn more here). 

Pro tip: Try listening to the audiobook sample before making a purchase. This can help you determine if you like the narration (which plays a big role!).

#8: Explore new genres on audio

If you want to play around with new genres, consider trying them on audio. Many times readers discover that they enjoy reading audiobooks in different genres than they usually read in print. 

#9: Try Bookseller Picks

Browse Bookseller Picks on Libro.fm (the same way you would at a bookshop) from our 3,000+ bookshop partners around the world.

#10: Purchase audiobooks through your indie bookshop

Libro.fm makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks directly through indie bookshops around the globe. We share profits from your purchases with your chosen bookshop, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy.

What are your tips for reading on audio? Let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget to celebrate our 10th anniversary with us this June! With your help, we can make sure independent bookshops thrive for another 10, 20, 100 years and more.  

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