’s Top 10 Audiobooks of 2023

Whether you’ve found yourself missing out on hot titles, are trying to wrap-up your yearly reading goals, or just need a new audiobook to get you through holiday travel, we’ve got you covered with our Top 10 Audiobooks of 2023. While a number of celebrity memoirs created buzz, fiction reads topped the list too. 

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Without further ado, here are’s Top 10 Audiobooks of 2023, based on sales through our 2,500+ independent bookshop partners.



By Elliot Page, narrated by the author

Pageboy is a quietly powerful, captivating memoir with a small amount of salacious-ness. Elliot Page is so earnest, vulnerable and generous with his heartbreak, dysphoria, pain and healing. I was particularly struck by the many poignant and relatable moments Page describes, yet we, as a society, have only recently come up with the language to express.”

— Zinna, A Great Good Place for Books

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By R.F. Kuang, narrated by Helen Laser

“Are you curious about how the book publishing industry works? Yellowface explores the publishing world from the point of view of an envious, unlikeable character; who at the core is battling loneliness, grief, and failure. I love the way the story unfolds from an extremely one-sided voice, who doesn’t understand how her actions impact others.”

— Jenny, E. Shaver, Bookseller

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Iron Flame

By Rebecca Yarros, narrated by Rebecca Soler & Teddy Hamilton

“A highly successful second novel in the Empyrean series. Iron Flame follows on from Fourth Wing in a heart wrenching and captivating sequel. If you loved Fourth Wing, Iron Flame will destroy you in the most delicious way.”

— Melanie, Devonport Bookshop

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The Covenant of Water

By Abraham Verghese, narrated by the author

“A sweeping, enthralling and passionate multi-generational saga that’s difficult to put down (or stop listening to), this is a brilliant story of land, family and unforgettable characters in South India.”

— Anne, Newtonville Books

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Fourth Wing

By Rebecca Yarros, narrated by Rebecca Soler & Teddy Hamilton

“This narration has turned this first time fantasy bookseller into a Dragon loving, fantasy reader for life! I was literally gripping my steering wheel crying out ‘pull up, pull up’ during the fight scenes. What a fun, gritty, sexy book this gem has turned out to be. There is something for everyone in here.”

— Amy, Plumfield Books

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I Have Some Questions for You

By Rebecca Makkai, narrated by Julia Whelan & JD Jackson

“A scorching, compelling read, this is a calling out of violence against women: how it’s reported, poorly prosecuted, lightly punished, sensationalized, ignored, held against us, and so deeply ingrained in our culture. A New England prep school is the perfect setting for this collision of podcasts, old secrets hidden deep, racism, sexism, growing pains, and the lenses we have, shed, and change as we grow. Julia Whelan’s narration is, as always, phenomenal. I could not stop listening – this is a 10/10 for me.”

— Ashleigh, Wellesley Books

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Happy Place

By Emily Henry, narrated by Julia Whelan

“Emily Henry does it again! This story spills over with so many incredible moments between friends and lovers. You will not be able to escape the charm and warmth of this circle of friends, who upon finding out that their summer home will be sold, desperately cling to their memories of all the times spent there. While they are navigating these last moments they ultimately discover so many things about each other and themselves. Julia Whelan’s audio narration is captivating and you will not want this story to end.”

— Karen, Thunder Road Books

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Tom Lake

By Ann Patchett, narrated by Meryl Streep

“This story takes place in Michigan, which is always a bonus for me as a reader. The setting is during the pandemic but revolves around Lara’s early life as an actress and her relationship with a man who later becomes a famous actor. Lara is retelling that experience in small doses to her three daughters. It is a story about relationships, disappointments, and the blessings of a good marriage. I listened to this story as an audiobook and what could be better than a story by Ann Patchett read by Meryl Streep?”

— Paula, Schuler Books

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The Woman in Me

By Britney Spears, narrated by Michelle Williams

“Major props to whoever got Michelle Williams to narrate The Woman in Me – sheer genius! I forgot I wasn’t listening to Britney herself. Michelle Williams perfectly captures Britney’s desperation, sadness, and contradictions, making for an outstanding audio memoir experience.”

— Emilie, East City Bookshop

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By Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, narrated by the author

“I deeply relished every drop of the tea spilt in this memoir. I would recommend it on that alone. However, I was most impressed with Prince Harry’s clear passion for the things and the people he cares about. In this narration of the audiobook you can feel how much he loves his family, how proud he is of his time in the military, and how much he wants certain things (and certain people) to be different. This memoir is not just about a prince. It’s about a person coming into his own and finding the confidence to stand his ground and confront those he once assumed would always have his best interests at heart. I was riveted from beginning to end.”

— Jenni, Mysterious Galaxy Books

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