Twenty Under-the-Radar Listens Booksellers Loved

 There are so many books out there — sometimes the best ones get overlooked. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the year’s highly recommended audiobooks that you may have missed from our most trusted source: booksellers!

At, we don’t rely on algorithms to help you find your next favorite audiobook. We offer recommendations from dedicated indie booksellers at our 1,900+ partner bookstores who champion their favorite books and help get them into the hands (and ears!) of readers.

Frequently recommended audiobooks for adults

“A little coming-of-age story plus a crime story equals an unusual novel that follows two bored teenagers who don’t really fit in and whose ‘project’ goes off the rails. Once again, the author has created a reality that is just a little beyond believable, yet captures human emotions so well.”

Anne, Newtownville Books

“Printz Award-winning author Nina LaCour’s debut adult novel, Yerba Buena, is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. It’s the story of two lost women who find each other against all the roadblocks and barriers they’ve each surrounded themselves with. It’s also Nina LaCour at her best, her command of the English language is on full display here-I honestly believe there is nothing she can’t do.”

Kathleen, A Great Good Place for Books

“A delicious new rom com you can really sink your teeth into! London, the first openly non-binary contestant on a popular cooking competition show, develops an instant bond with Dahlia, their fellow contestant. Dahlia, plagued by debt and complicated feelings about her recent divorce, has something to prove UNTIL she suddenly has trouble focusing what with London being all cute and incredibly, distractingly skilled. Fun! Vulnerable! Utterly relatable. I couldn’t put it down.”

Zinna, A Great Good Place for Books

“This fascinating novel is a perfect medley of suspense, deceit, and moral ambiguity. In a sharp and concise narrative written as a confession to a former acquaintance, art dealer Jeff tells the story of his rise to success following his saving the life of a drowning man, then entwining himself into the man’s life.”

Olivia, Author’s Note

Frequently recommended audiobooks for kids

“This is one of those uplifting, so-cute-you-have-to-squeal books! The authors nailed the vibes of an excellent ’90s rom-com (except it’s right now and sapphic). The narrators capture Molly and Alex brilliantly! She Gets the Girl is as cute, bright, and as full of joy as a night at the roller rink.”

Kaitee, River Bend Bookshop

“At once beautiful and horrible. Like waves on water, this story lifts the reader up and then plummets down into darkness. The final verses offer a glimpse of hope that I intend to follow into book two. Kobna Holdrook-Smith has become, hands down, my favorite narrator ever. He is fantastic.”

Kristine, Buttonwood Books and Toys

“Two thumbs up. I loved how the pacing accelerated as the story unfolded. Intense and heartbreaking, as well as refreshing and angering, in the best of ways. I was hooked, listening to the different voices and learning so much about Pakistani beliefs and traditions. Trigger alerts, though! Also important to hear about how folks live with unbelievable trauma and are still able to rise above.”

Jen, Townie Books

“A classic YA fantasy! Our protagonist, Winnie Wednesday’s family has been shunned by their own clan and the entire town. The town is magical and the world is well staged and the monsters are scary! You will root for Winnie and be intrigued with the mystery! Cannot wait for the next in the series! Caitlin Davies did a fantastic job of narrating!”

Melanie, The Well-Read Moose

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