Thanks for #VirtualBookstoreParty-ing with us!

Saturday was supposed to be Independent Bookstore Day—a day when local bookstore supporters flock to their stores and show their appreciation for the unique community spaces that give us so much. As with all other gatherings, Bookstore Day had to be postponed until Saturday, August 29th.

But that didn’t stop YOU from showing up for your bookstores in a big way on April 25th! We had many people sign up for memberships (all payments went to bookstores), raised more money for Binc through #SocksforBinc, and welcomed a multitude of new audiobook lovers to the community!

Thanks for joining the #VirtualBookstoreParty and inviting others to join as well. With your help, we’re supporting more independent bookstores than ever before.

Here are some of the #VirtualBookstoreParty highlights:

#SocksforBinc Updates

1,121 people have bought 3,257 pairs of socks, raising a total of $22,327 for Binc!

Photo by @librarypoweruser
Photo by @never_withouta_book
Photo by @crystals_library

Update: Maddie has sold nearly 950 socks! Thanks for your help in getting her close to her goal and supporting Binc. In case you were wondering, Maddie is planning to get teriyaki for her DoorDash prize.

#VirtualBookstoreDay Celebration

Bookstore Day ambassador Sean Doolittle continues to champion independent bookstores:

Thanks to all our bookstore partners for a wonderful celebration! We love you!

Author Anna Bright made us smile with this tweet and GIF:

We welcomed this new bookstore partner just in time for the #VirtualBookstoreDay party:

Author Flula Borg did his part to spread the word about his audiobook being offered for free as part of the festivities:

Thank you to all the people, including writer Meg Linehan, who spread the word about how we can all support local bookstores!

Bookstore Love from #Bookstagram

Photo of Chop Suey Books from @kmc_reads
Photo of Epilogue Books from @molliereads
Photo of Verbatim Books from @nycbookgirl
Photo of Powell’s Books from @booksandbao
Photo of McNally Jackson from @absorbedinpages
Photo of The Dial Bookshop by @allegedlymari

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