12 Reasons to Gift Audiobooks

Audiobooks are an immersive experience that help you to escape your surroundings and enter fully into the world of a story. And don’t we all need that right now? With Libro.fm, you can give a friend or loved one the gift of all that and more. And you can support an independent bookstore at the same time!

Wondering why else audiobooks from Libro.fm make a great gift? Check out the reasons below!

Reason #1

You’ll help them read more books!

This is, perhaps, the number one reason for listening to—and gifting—audiobooks. There are so many great books in the world, and more keep getting added daily. But nobody is giving us extra hours in the day. Nobody, that is, except audiobook narrators! Thanks to them, your gift recipient can find extra nooks and crannies in their life to fit in more stories — as they walk their dog, nurse their baby in the middle of the night, or do countless other things they would be doing anyway.

Reason #2

You’ll inject a little fun into their daily routines.

Some tasks, let’s face it, are a little on the boring side — whether that’s cooking, cleaning, other chores around the house, or certain aspects of paid employment. But not when you’ve got a story in your ears!

Reason #3

You’ll give them an alternative to podcasts.

Many podcasts are news-based, and sometimes the news is overwhelming. Maybe what your loved one truly needs is an escape from the things worrying them or the ambient anxiety that so often surrounds us. Audiobooks can do that!

Reason #4

They’ll hear the voice of the author.

There’s nothing like a memoir narrated by its author. They know exactly how to inflect certain passages  (maybe that’s why actors’ and comedians’ memoirs work particularly well on audio). I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy is a particular treat.

Former first lady Michelle Obama’s new book, The Light We Carry, is also a must listen.

Reason #5

They’ll hear the voices of the characters.

Hearing accents is another way to make a book feel more immediate — as if the characters are right there in the room with you. That’s especially great if they are accents you’re not used to hearing, whether that’s the plummy British vowels in Husband Material by Alexis Hall, the Southern accents in Bloodmarked by Tracey Deonn, or the various dialects of a full cast in The Atlas Paradox by Olivie Blake.

Reason #6

Audiobooks offer additional features, like music.

The Great Glorious Goddamn of it All by Josh Ritter is one example of a book that makes great use of music .  Why wouldn’t you want to hear that, rather than just read it via words on the page?

The Great Glorious Goddamn of It All, written and narrated by novelist and singer-songwriter Josh Ritter, feels like it was written to be an audio book. Told in the first person by crotchety, hard-boiled, 99-year-old Weldon Applegate as he lies on what will likely be his deathbed, we hear his life story as a lumberjack in the Idaho timber. Orphaned at 13, Weldon’s life is filled with tragedy and hardship, fueled by a lust for revenge and a taste for moonshine. Filled with memorable characters in turns evil, loving, and mysterious, The Great Glorious Goddamn of It All is also endowed with a keen sense of place. This book is a love note to small-town Idaho and an ode to the wild virgin woods and the magnificence of wilderness. As a bonus, we get to listen to an original Josh Ritter song!”

—Claire, Honest Dog Books

Reason #7

They’ll enjoy audio—which doesn’t go out of print—forever.

Depending how well they’ve sold, books sometimes go out of print and either become almost impossible to find or prohibitively expensive. Sometimes, a publisher can wildly underestimate how many people are going to want a book , until there’s a sudden demand that wholesalers can struggle to keep up with.

But audio files are here in those times! The recipient of your Libro.fm credit bundle doesn’t need to be frustrated that the book they want that month is temporarily unavailable. If it’s in the Libro.fm catalog, it’s there forever.

Reason #8

You can send a last-minute gift without delay.

Audiobooks from Libro.fm are a great choice for last-minute gifts! You can choose to deliver them immediately upon purchase via email, or you can select the option to receive a printable PDF, which you can send or print out to give them at a later date. Either way, your recipient can start listening whenever they’re ready!

Reason #9

Audiobook gifts never expire.

Whether they click the redemption link as soon as they receive it or months down the line, your gift recipient can use their credit bundle at any time.

Reason #10

Your gift supports a local bookstore.

Libro.fm splits profits with indie bookstores, so when you buy an audiobook credit bundle from us, you’ll be supporting a bookstore wherever you choose — whether that’s a minority-owned bookstore you want to help thrive, a shop in your neighborhood, or somewhere you have fond memories of visiting.

Reason #11

You’ll give them exactly what they want.

Buying exactly the right book for an avid reader can be difficult—if it’s the perfect book for them, chances are they have already found it. An audiobook credit bundle says “I know you love books! Here’s a way to enjoy them,” but allows your gift recipient to choose an audiobook they want and haven’t already read.

Reason #12

You’ll give them a gift that keeps on giving!

Every time your gift recipient downloads a new audiobooks thanks to their credit bundle, the recipient will be reminded that you thought of them—and they’ll get to enjoy the result of that thoughtfulness.

Give a thoughtful gift, read more books, find new ways to enjoy them, and invest in communities: audiobook credit bundles are a win-win for everyone!

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