Why Smart Parents and Teachers Turn to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are great for busy people. But they’re more than just a way to squeeze in a few more books. They can also be a helpful tool for students. While in New York a few weeks ago, I met the folks over at Sound Learning where I learned that audiobooks can help improve literacy, test scores, pronunciation, comprehension, and more.

This is good news since I have two little girls who are just entering elementary school, and love listening to audiobooks.

Check out the stats from Sound Learning:


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Nick Johnson

Nick is the Creative Director at Libro.fm. He has wildly varying tastes. For example, you can see him zooming around the Pacific Northwest on either his pristine Italian scooter or his classic American car. His tastes in books are just as diverse. He reads (and listens to!) everything to 1950s-era sci-fi to modern YA.

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  1. […] Audiobooks will never replace print books, but think of them as a nice companion and a different way to experience a story, as books were once just that, stories told aloud. And while some people might think listening is “cheating” studies have shown that audiobooks actually help with comprehension as well as vocabulary and pronunciation. You can see our full blog post on this topic here. […]

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