Pre-order A Promised Land in Print, Get a Free Audiobook

For a limited time—October 27th until November 3rd*—when you pre-order A Promised Land by Barack Obama in print from your local bookstore, you’ll also get to select one of these audiobooks for free, as a thanks from and your local, independent bookstore!

*Please note that this offer is no longer active.

How do I collect my free audiobook?

Email with the receipt* from your bookstore (a picture of your physical receipt, or simply forward the email purchase confirmation), along with the free audiobook you’d like from the audiobooks below. You’ll receive an email by 11/5 with a link to redeem your free audiobook.

The Audacity of Hope

By Barack Obama

Dreams from My Father

By Barack Obama

Thanks, Obama

By David Litt

Why pre-order this book?

This could be the book that helps bookstores keep the lights on and the doors open to customers, even after all the challenges of 2020. And because bookstores are anticipating shortages and shipment delays for print copies of A Promised Landand other popular books of 2020—the earlier you pre-order, the more likely your bookstore will be able to fulfill your order in a timely manner. 


Email and one of our team members will get back to you as quickly as possible! 

 *The receipt must show a purchase date between 10/27/2020 and 11/3/2020 from a local bookstore. No limit on the number of free audiobooks. You will receive an email with the redemption link for your free audiobook by 11/5/2020.

Get a free audiobook!

When you start a new membership in support of bookstores, you'll get a bonus audiobook credit.

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