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Good Eggs

By Rebecca Hardiman • Narrated by Alana Kerr Collins, Gary Furlong & Siobhan Waring

“Filled with warmth and hilarity, this book reads like a mix of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Frye and a Maeve Binchy novel. The Irish setting is especially welcome on this side of the pond, and of the three plotlines following different generations, the absolute best paints 83-year-old pistol of a grandma Millie as a delightfully quirky and determined soul. A charming, offbeat novel — perfect to savor as we emerge from this particular winter.”

Deb, Fair Isle Books

Revival Season

By Monica West • Narrated by Joniece Abbott-Pratt

“In Revival Season, 15-year-old Miriam Horton’s eyes are opened to the complexities of spirituality and the depraved nature of humans, including one who she admires the most: her own father, an Evangelical Baptist preacher who plans revival circuits every summer. After witnessing her father violently react to a man who questions his ability to heal, Miriam’s world is turned upside-down….As someone who grew up around Southern Evangelical churches, this book was a page-turner for me as I rooted for Miriam to discover her own unique gifts, and to use her voice despite being stifled by her father and the church.”

Allison, The Snail on the Wall

One Two Three

By Laurie Frankel • Narrated by Emma Galvin, Jesse Vilinsky & Rebecca Soler

One Two Three by Laurie Frankel is the kind of novel that immediately grabs your attention and never lets go. In a marvelously constructed narrative, told in the three distinctly different voices of the Mitchell triplets, the reader learns how the town of Bourne had its water poisoned 16 years ago by a chemical company, resulting in many deaths and even more birth defects. Using three instantly-recognizable voices, Frankel draws us into the world of Bourne, and we become so enamored with the characters and the fate of the town that it’s nearly impossible to stop reading once you begin! Suspenseful, funny, heart-wrenching and ultimately hopeful, this is a novel book clubs will adore…[it] will be a book I try to handsell to everyone. It’s that good!”

William, An Unlikely Story

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By Kaitlyn Greenidge • Narrated by Channie Waites

Libertie is a beautifully written, immersive historical novel inspired by the story of a Black doctor and her daughter who lived in a free Black community in Brooklyn during the Reconstruction era. It is also a profound meditation on what it means to be truly free—whether born free or formerly enslaved, whether in America, Haiti, or Liberia—while struggling against grief, sexism, racism, colorism, or classism. Libertie’s quest to forge her own path is a much-needed inspiration!”

Alyssa, Copper Dog Books

Of Women and Salt

By Gabriela Garcia • Narrated by the author & Frankie Corzo

“Gabriela Garcia has delivered a gripping novel that moves between modern-day Miami and revolutionary and post-revolution Cuba to tell the stories of four generations of women whose past traumas continue to play out in current times. It’s a story of strength, immigration, and the unbreakable bonds between mothers and daughters. Of Women and Salt took my breath away on multiple occasions and continues to take hold of my thoughts.”

Pat, Orinda Books

The Removed

By Brandon Hobson • Narrated by Gary Farmer, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, DeLanna Studi, Katie Rich & Christopher Salazar

“In telling the story of a Native family in Oklahoma who lost a teenage son to a shooting, The Removed examines the power of inherited trauma and the strength of family to keep people together. The book is told in the voices of the various family members left after the death of their son/brother and explores the effects on their lives of their Cherokee ancestors who walked the Trail of Tears. Mixing several points of view along with Native myth, Hobson brings a powerful story to light where the reader really steps into the shoes of each character. The loss, sadness, and despair are palpable, but so are hope and healing, by the end. A truly beautiful book about something everyone should read more about.”

Izzy, Bookbinders Basalt

Historical Fiction

The Lost Apothecary

By Sarah Penner • Narrated by Lorna Bennett, Lauren Anthony & Lauren Irwin

“This book was a wonderful escape and was absolutely lovely to listen to. It switches back and forth between the point of view of two women in London in the 1790s and an American woman visiting London in present day. The story unfolds quickly. I was pleasantly surprised by the twists that I hadn’t anticipated and the emotions that welled up within me. The ending was wholly satisfying and I will definitely be recommending it when it releases!”

Lauren, Schuler Books

Mary Jane

By Jessica Anya Blau • Narrated by Caitlin Kinnunen

“This book was so stinking cute and was even better in audiobook format (Caitlin Kinnunen for the win!). I think the story was completely elevated by Broadway’s Caitlin Kinnunen who’s young but silky voice was perfectly able to capture the naiveté of Mary Jane and the roughness of Jimmy’s singing voice. In general, the singing interludes of the audiobook are well worth the listen as they truly enliven the whole story….It’s a coming of age story that spans only a single summer, where Mary Jane realizes how different life can be lived outside of her conservative household. Overall, a truly cute and light read that would be great for fans of coming of age stories and learning to push the boundaries on familial beliefs.”

Kimi, Buttonwood Books and Toys

Mystery & Thriller

The Terminal List

By Jack Carr • Narrated by Ray Porter

“Like many of us do with audiobooks, I listened The Terminal List during my commute. That said, no other book has pushed me back against the driver’s seat and put a brick on the gas pedal the way this one did. James Reece is a character that Tom Clancy might create after listening to too much heavy metal, and like classic Clancy, Carr fantastically wove intrigue and action into a blood-soaked tapestry. ”

Matt, Innisfree Bookshop

The House on Vesper Sands

By Paraic O’Donnell • Narrated by Charles Armstrong

“Paraic O’Donnell leavens the dark foreboding of a truly sinister, otherworldly mystery with distinctively clever storytelling and a decidedly marvelous cast of characters. You are in the best of hands with Inspector Cutter and Gideon Bliss on the case, along with the intrepid and resourceful reporter Octavia Hillingdon. Beautifully done!”

Peter, Wellesley Books

When the Stars Go Dark

By Paula McLain • Narrated by Marin Ireland

“No matter what the genre, McLain is a masterful storyteller. Her protagonist in this latest novel is one of the most authentic and powerful characters I have ever experienced. Anna Hart, a missing persons detective, shares not only her knowledge as an expert on missing children but she lays bare her own personal demons as she struggles to find a teen who has disappeared. I was captivated from page one and couldn’t stop until I finished this intense and provocative story. Absolutely mesmerizing!”

Stephanie, Page and Palette

The Tenth Girl

By Sara Faring • Narrated by Frankie Corzo & Mark Sanderlin

The Tenth Girl is a story of a haunted school where nothing is as it seems and no one is safe. This is perfect for anyone who loves a good ghost story and enjoys surprising twists that turn everything you think you know on its head. Whatever you think you’ve got figured out, you don’t! ”

Dany, Rediscovered Books


This Is How You Lose The Time War

By Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone

“For Science Fiction lovers we have the Nebula awards, released at the end of May each year. Winning Best Novella in 2020, This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone is one of those books that uses the science-y elements of time travel and other worlds to tell a very familiar story about human nature and the unpredictable and identity-shaping effects of falling in love. This is a book I recommend listening to especially, because the two readers help you to hear the nature of the two characters shift, as they hunt each other in a cosmic battle across eons, while also seeing the brilliance in the other. Their plight is alluring, dangerous, and romantic. The writing is cutting and fierce. You will listen to this story, and then want to start over and listen to it again.”

Kim, Lark & Owl

The Unhoneymooners

By Christina Lauren & Deacon Lee • Narrated by Cynthia Farrell

“This is a delightful rom-com story with an enemies-to-lovers plotline and the requisite off-the-wall situation that forces the bickering lead characters into close quarters. With its Maui resort setting, charismatic characters, swoon-worthy romance, and sense of humor, this story pulled me in and took me along for a thoroughly enjoyable escape.”

Sandy, The Galaxy Bookshop

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Klara and the Sun

By Kazuo Ishiguro • Narrated by Sura Siu

“When I read Ishiguo’s work, I feel as if a veil has been lifted, and suddenly the world—or range—of humanness, and all its uncomfortable possibilities, are clear. I’m so grateful for his extraordinary talents and ability to manifest new understandings inside the mind this reader. Whether it’s the source of human emotion, the impact of memory, the grappling of regret, or simply the purpose of human life, I finish his books with greater insight into the scope of the living. Klara is no different—an inhuman character who in one almost childlike voice, reveals the boundaries between human and inhuman, between a future and obsolescence, between the bonds and boundaries of love. Thank you Mr. Ishiguro ~ again.”

Cassie, Roundabout Books


By Rebecca Coffindaffer • Narrated by Reba Buhr

“…Rebecca Coffindaffer has crafted an adventure novel that is everything I’ve ever wanted in a YA Sci-Fi. Full of adventure, snark, and predictably bad decisions, Crownchasers also shows an empathy to those who are unwillingly caught up in the chaos of empire-building. Coffindaffer’s writing gives me the same feeling as teenage Summers spent reading 90s Star Wars novels, but with a snarky and sex-positive female character I would have clamored to root for. I hereby pledge my loyalty to the Farshoti family and cannot wait for more readers to join me. Content warnings for depictions of drug and alcohol use, death of loved ones, and violence.”

Faith, Page 158 Books


By Kathleen Jennings • Narrated by Felicity Jurd

“I’ve never read anything quite like this book. The prose is confident—it’s like an iron backbone on which strange and beautiful flowers grow. Jennings’ use of syntax is utterly unique. Words that should bump and snap at each other instead morph and burst into unforgettable sentences. This is a…fairy tale? An allegory? A murder mystery? I’m not entirely sure. It doesn’t matter. Trying to categorize this wonderful novel would be like putting a unicorn into a horse box. It wouldn’t fit and the horn would shatter the wood. Best to leave it unbound and wild, admire it for what it is, and wonder at what it’s not.”

Aimee, Main Street Books Davidson

A Song Below Water

By Bethany C. Morrow • Narrated by Andrea Laing & Jennifer Haralson

“This is sisterhood. This is Black mermaid magic. This is powerful and beautiful and relevant. Fantasy at its finest because it fights for something bigger. A Song Below Water had me mesmerized from the off, unable to unplug from the tapestry of mythos and social justice and current events that Morrow has so tantalizingly woven. There is nothing small about Tavia or Effie, though the world would like them to be. And there is nothing simple about their story, which courses with intrigue a wide array of equally individualistic characters (Love me some Gargy). Read this gem. Then go out and speak siren.”

Britt, Second Star to the Right

Young Adult

Firekeeper’s Daughter

By Angeline Boulley • Narrated by Isabella Star LaBlanc

“This story of a young woman roped into a federal investigation of a drug ring tearing her Ojibwe community apart is riveting and sorrowful….This book moved me in so many ways but Daunis’ connection to her elders and their traditions really drove this plot. While her parents’ choices keep her from acceptance and death seems to haunt her, Daunis stays focused on her values: preserving and protecting the Ojibwe way of life for the next 6 generations. I loved how Boulley wove the Anishinaabe language, traditions and teaching into this story without spelling it all out for non-Native readers. This book tells the story of some of the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW) and helps us connect with the stories more personally.”

Jessica, BookBar

Dawn Raid

By Pauline Vaeluaga Smith • Narrated by Tameka Sowman Vahatau

“Sophia is just your typical half Samoan-half white teenager in 1970’s New Zealand, wishing for a pair of go-go boots and dealing with dumb little brothers. Her diary entries document her growing understanding of the challenges facing her Pacific Islander community, including ‘dawn raids’ where Islanders are used as scapegoats for a struggling economy and taken from their houses in the middle of the night for deportation. Readers will see many parallels to the struggles faced by communities in the United States today and cheer for Sophia as she makes new friends and find her unique voice. Give this to everyone who likes epistolary novels and historical fiction. ”

Cecilia, East City Bookshop

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss

By Amy Noelle Parks • Narrated by Nick Mondelli & Elizabeth Cottle

“Best friends + boarding school x national physics competition ÷ anxiety = a fantastic, smart, swoony read. ”

Summer, Books Inc.

Watch Over Me

By Nina LaCour • Narrated by Jorjeana Marie

Watch Over Me is a sparse, atmospheric, emotionally resonant and absolutely devastating read in the best possible ways. Watch Over Me follows Mila, after she has aged out of the foster care system and finds work teaching foster children on an idyllic, but isolated farm owned by foster parents, Terri and Julia. Mila just wants to carve out a place to call her own, find a family she can claim for herself, and forget all about her mother’s boyfriend, Blake. But as much as Mila wants to put her past behind her, the ghosts that reside on the farm make that decidedly impossible. Ghosts and family and belonging and resilience set to the backdrop of the fog-covered northern California coast. A pitch-perfect listen while the weather cools and the leaves start to fall.”

Cassie, Wellesley Books


World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

By Anthony Bourdain & Laurie Woolever • Narrated by Laurie Woolever, Shep Gordon, Christopher Bourdain, Jen Agg, Matt Walsh, Bill Buford, Claude Tayag, Nari Kye, Vidya Balachander & Steve Albini

“Like the cowriter Laurie Woolever, I was initially a little skeptical that the world needed this travel guide, but now that I’ve sampled it I’m so grateful to have a little bit more of Bourdain in the world. While there is some practical advice here (hotel and restaurant suggestions), what I really love is hearing Bourdain’s trademark wry humor and utter irreverence. Take a whirlwind tour around the world from Argentina to Vietnam and dozens of countries in between. ”

Kristen, Fables Books

Did That Just Happen?!

By Stephanie Pinder-Amaker & Lauren Wadsworth • Narrated by Joy Vandervort

“I came across this book during an online conference recently and I loved the discussion with these two authors, so I had to read their book immediately. This is full of great guidelines on how *not* to treat people in any type of work environment can be used as a manual to keep up with the ongoing work of inclusivity. It gives lessons in easy-to-digest examples, words and phrases to avoid, and how to listen actively. I highly recommend this to anyone in any kind of leadership role, or anyone who just wants to keep doing the work to be a better person. ”

Andrea, Fountain Bookstore

Biography & Memoir

Finding Freedom

By Erin French • Narrated by the author

“A memoir that grabs you from the beginning and immediately has you rooting hard for a scrappy, young, genius chef-to-be as she overcomes some pretty serious challenges along the way to owning one of the most sought-out restaurants in New England.”

Michael, Gibson’s Bookstore

Dancing in the Mosque

By Homeira Qaderi • Narrated by Ariana Delawari

“This was a very touching, unique read. It’s incredible that this story is true, and reading it reminded me of how vastly different my life is from those of women raised in Afghanistan. I feel so privileged to have been given such a great education and to have been allowed and encouraged to educate myself. I am very appreciative of Homeira Qaderi for having the courage and motivation to persist in publishing her work so that we may be graced with it. Very inspiring.”

Allie, BookPeople


A Little Devil in America

By Hanif Abdurraqib • Narrated by JD Jackson

“Using Black performance as a loose organizing principle, Abdurraqib has written a brilliant, expansive, insightful, and personal book. There is something of Montaigne’s penchant for humility and brilliance in equal measure; of Susan Sontag’s use of cultural criticism to understand history and the self; of Zadie Smith’s verbal wizardry, playfulness, and wide-ranging curiosity; and Ross Gay’s sensitivity, sense of beauty and poignancy, and, ultimately, joyfulness. Another gift from this magical writer!”

Jeff, Seminary Co-op Bookstores

Oak Flat

By Lauren Redniss • Narrated by Lauren Redniss, Darrell Dennis, Kyla Garcia, Kimberly Guerrero, Hillary Huber, Ann Marie Lee, Elizabeth Liang, Crystle Lightning, Jon Lindstrom, A. Martinez, John H. Mayer, Arthur Morey, Tanis Parenteau & others

Oak Flat is simultaneously an object of mesmerizing beauty and an urgent book of complete necessity. Lauren Redniss tells the tale of the struggle to preserve a site sacred to the Apache people from a copper mining project that would destroy it. Her vibrant illustrations and careful curation of competing voices convey the high stakes while honoring the dignity of the people on both sides, and the dignity of the natural world. This book is an astonishing achievement.”

Keith, Powell’s Books


The Listening Path

By Julia Cameron • Narrated by the author & Eliza Foss

“There is no greater voice of encouragement for artists than that of Julia Cameron. Over the years, she has taught us to love and respect the gift of artistry and to learn how to grow our own artistic strengths. The Artist’s Way didn’t end with her first book. Instead, she continues to bring us gifts that will broaden our understanding of the value of art, especially in today’s world, and our place within the artist’s fold. Her newest offering to our growth is found in the pages of The Listening Path–a guide to learning and applying the skill of listening–to our inner voice, to others, to nature, and also, to the prompting of other great artists and leaders. Every person who wishes to grow in both their inner soul and their outer expression of their own Artist’s Way are encouraged to add The Listening Path to daily listening. I love it!”

Linda, Auntie’s Bookstore

Everybody Has a Podcast (Except You)

By Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy & Griffin McElroy • Narrated by the authors, Rachel McElroy, Teresa McElroy & Clint McElroy

“Even if you have never listened to My Brother, My Brother, and Me, you’ll love the wit, humor, and entertaining banter the McElroy brothers bring to this easy-to-use guide for podcasting. Whether you’re looking to start a podcast, or just interested in what goes on behind the scenes, this fun book will delight and entertain. Plus with 10 years of podcasting under their belts, who better than to help you with tips and tricks for making the best possible podcast.”

Kristin, Fables Books

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