Audiobook Recommendations from Black Bookstagrammers

Explore these audiobook picks from Black creators within the bookstagram community.

Note that these audiobooks range widely in genre. We encourage everyone to read not just antiracist books, but also, as Nic Stone puts it, to “read books about explicitly black people—especially black kids—just being human. Doing things humans are allowed to do in our imaginations: falling in love, dealing with illness, navigating time travel, questioning other aspects of their identities, saving their country, fighting with their parents.”

Are you a Black bookstagrammer? We want to feature you—you can head here to submit your playlist, and we’ll update this post continuously.

Bookstagrammer: @diversespines, created by @spinevines

@diversespines highlights literature by Black Women and Women of Color. Diversify your listening experience with our monthly audiobook selections.

Bookstagrammer: @never_withouta_book

Diverse audiobooks for diverse listeners in all genres.

Do the work, change starts with you. Here is a list of books that will help diversify your bookshelves.

Bookstagrammer: @absorbedinpages

Storytelling at its finest!

Bookstagrammer: @thestackspod

Here is a list of some of Traci from The Stacks most favorite audiobooks ranging from politics to sports to YA and more! There are also a few audiobooks on this list that Traci can’t wait to dive into.

Bookstagrammer: @book_girl_magic

All things bookish and Black Girl Magic!

Bookstagrammer: @booksonthel

This playlist contains a few favorite books about the Black, Queer experience.

Bookstagrammer: @booksnbikram

Fiction and non fiction reads by Black authors. Read to learn, grow and enjoy!

Bookstagrammer: @hardcoverhaven

This playlist showcases some magical Black girls in YA literature (brought to you by real life #BlackGirlMagic—a.k.a. Black female authors)!

Reminder: Black bookstagrammers can head here to submit playlists.

Also, be sure to check out these Black-owned bookstores to support with your audiobook purchase.

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