Black-Owned Bookstores to Support Right Now (and Always)

This directory is regularly updated to reflect new stores. Last update: 5/10/2022

Being an antiracist reader means not only educating ourselves, but also paying attention to the institutions we support financially. Check out this directory of Black-owned bookstores to get started (you can also use our bookstore finder).

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Note: Stores listed with Storefronts below are partner stores—meaning that when you purchase audiobooks from their Storefront, it directly supports their bookstore. The map above shows Black-owned partner stores, while the list below is more comprehensive.

Bookstores: Want to become a partner store? Email, and we’ll take care of the rest.

United States




Ashay By the Bay / Vallejo, CA


Carol’s Books / Sacramento, CA

Chukaruka / Fontana, CA

D3 Comic Book Spot / Richmond, CA


Eclectuals / Lakewood, CA

Eso Won Bookstore / Los Angeles, CA

Legendary Coffee and Books / Stockton, CA


Malik Books / Los Angeles, CA

Marcus Books / Oakland, CA

MiJa Books / Lakewood, CA

Old Capitol Books / Monterey, CA


Reparations Club / Los Angeles, CA

The Salt Eaters Bookshop / Los Angeles, CA


Shades of Afrika / Long Beach, CA & Corona, CA


Underground Books / Sacramento, CA



Shop at Matter / Denver, CO

Tattered Cover / Denver, CO


Burgundy Books / Old Saybrook, CT


Key Bookstore / Hartford, CT

People Get Ready / New Haven, CT


MeJah Books Inc. / Claymont, DE


District of Columbia

Loyalty Books / Washington, DC

Mahogany Books / Washington, DC

Solid State Books / Washington, DC


Cultured Books / St. Petersburg, FL

DARE Books / Longwood, FL


Eden Books / Chiefland, FL

Kizzy’s Books & More / Winter Garden, FL


Pyramid Books / Boynton Beach, FL


The Book Cellar / Conyers, GA

Book Boutique / Atlanta, GA


The Book Worm Bookstore / Powder Springs, GA

For Keeps Bookstore / Atlanta, GA


Good Books / Atlanta, GA


House Of Pages Bookstore / Peachtree Corners, GA

The Listening Tree / Decatur, GA


Medu Bookstore / Atlanta, GA


Nubian Bookstore / Morrow, GA


Scribes & Vibes / Conyers, GA

Yes, Please Books / Scottdale, GA


Afriware Books / Maywood, IL

Da Book Joint / Chicago, IL

Frontline Bookstore / Chicago, IL


Lushena Bookstore / Chicago, IL


Beyond Barcodes / Kokomo, IN

Brainlair Books / South Bend, IN


The Soul Book Nook LLC. / Waterloo, IN



Aya Coffee + Books / Kansas City, KS

Bliss Books & Wine / Kansas City, KS

Twice Told Tales / McPherson, KS


Akoma Books / Evansville, IN

Wild Fig Coffee & Books / Lexington, KY



Community Book Center / New Orleans, LA



Everyone’s Place Bookstore / Baltimore, MD


Red Emma’s / Baltimore, MD

Wisdom Book Center / Gwynn Oak, MD



Frugal Bookstore / Roxbury, MA


Susie’s Stories / Rockport, MA


Comma Bookstore / Flint, MI


Nandi’s Knowledge Cafe / Highland Park, MI


The Resistance / Lansing, MI

we are LIT / Grand Rapids, MI


Black Garnet Books / Minneapolis, MN


Marshall’s Music and Book Store / Jackson, MS – 601-355-5335


Redux Society / Kansas City, MO

Progressive Emporium & Education Center / St. Louis, MO


Willa’s Books & Vinyl / Kansas City, MO



Aframerican Bookstore / Omaha, NE

New Jersey

La Unique Books / Camden, NJ

Source of Knowledge / Newark, NJ

New York

Blenheim Hill Books / Hobart, NY


Bronx Bound Books / Mobile Bookstore

Café Con Libros / Brooklyn, NY

The Lit. Bar / The Bronx, NY

Kulture Cafe / Harriman, NY

Sisters Uptown / New York City, NY

Zawadi Books / Buffalo, NY


North Carolina

Liberation Station / Durham, NC


Rofhiwa Book Café / Durham, NC


Shelves Bookstore / Charlotte, NC


Black Art Plus / Columbus, OH


A Cultural Exchange / Cleveland, OH

Smith and Hannon Bookstore / Cincinnati, OH



Nappy Roots Books / Oklahoma City, OK



Third Eye Books / Portland, OR


Amalgram / Philadelphia, PA


Baby Word Play / Philadelphia, PA


Books & Stuff / Philadelphia, PA


Hakim’s Bookstore / Philadelphia, PA


Harriett’s Bookshop / Philadelphia, PA

Heart & Soul Books / Harrisburg, PA (currently online))

The Tiny Bookstore / Pittsburgh, PA

Uncle Bobbie’s Books / Philadelphia, PA

South Carolina

Turning Page Bookshop / Goose Creek, SC


DeMoir Books & Things / Memphis, TN



Beauty & Brains Books / Houston, TX

The Dock Bookshop / Fort Worth, TX

Enda’s Booktique / Duncanville, TX

Kindred Stories / Houston, TX


Books and Crannies / Martinsville, VA

Harambee Books & Artworks / Alexandria, VA


Positive Vibes / Virginia Beach, VA



L.E.M.S. Bookstore / Seattle, WA

Parable Books / Tacoma, WA


The Itty Bitty Bookstore / Stoughton, WI



A Different Booklist / Toronto, Ontario


Knowledge Bookstore / Brampton, Ontario

Librairie Racines / Montreal, Quebec


Tracy Bookshop / Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


AkooBooks / Accra, Greater Accra

U.S. Virgin Islands

Undercover Books and Gifts / Christiansted, Virgin Islands

Online + Pop-up

Beyond This February

CLASS Bookstore / Houston, TX

Eclectuals / Lakewood, CA

Redwood Books / South Florida

SOA Co. / *supporting Houston, TX authors

Stone Catcher Books

*pop-ups in Greenville, SC

If we’re missing any black-owned bookstores or need corrections on what’s posted above, please let us know in the comments.

107 thoughts on “Black-Owned Bookstores to Support Right Now (and Always)

    1. I saw the article about the Seattle black-owned book store as well, and am not sure whether it is still open. I plan to email and check. We need more BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES. this is insane.

  1. Thank you so much for including Marshall’s Music & Book Store in Jackson, MS, the oldest continuously operated Black-owned bookstore in America. 82 years and counting! Owner operator Jone Primm does not currently have a good website, but anyone can place special orders for delivery or curbside by calling 601-355-5335. Jone has tracked down everything from THE PARKER INHERITANCE to BREAK EVERY YOKE to WITTGENSTEIN’S MISTRESS for me, and we do it all by phone. The website you list is not Marshall’s. Thank you for updating Marshall’s name, removing the website, adding the phone number, and for including Marshall’s located on Jackson’s historic Farish Street.

    1. Hi Louisa! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The link has been removed and the phone number added. Have a great day!

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for this list. I tried to change my account to be supporting Aframerican Bookstore in Omaha (yay! didn’t even know about it until now) but it’s not an option. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! Glad you now know about Aframerican Bookstore! However, the bookstores with asterisks* are partner stores—so feel free to reach out to them to buy books directly from them, and ask them email to become an audiobook partner.

    1. Becky Thank you so much! AALBC has maintained a list like this for over 20 years: It is great to see others doing the same thing to promote our business.

      Amazon (sorry to bring them up) won’t even so much a add a hyperlink to their own affiliates sites! This is why I boycott Amazon and have partnered with for audiobook sales on AALBC

      1. Thanks for your support, Troy, and for bringing this list to our attention. We’ve updated our list to include those on AALBC’s, and have linked their list up at the top!

  3. Maybe I’m missing reading it wrong, but I don’t understand the statement regarding storefront purchases directly supporting the bookstore. Don’t all purchases directly support the bookstore?

  4. Hi is there a way we can support multiple businesses at once with our purchases on libro? I know there is an option to divide it among all the bookstores, but is there a way to choose like 3 or 4? I’d like to give it to multiple black owned and/or queer owned bookshops.

    1. Hi, Laura! Unfortunately not, but you can support multiple stores by making audiobook purchases via different bookstores’ storefronts. You can switch the bookstore you support at any time at A workaround is to occasionally switch the bookstore you support with your membership, or to temporarily switch your bookstore to make an a-la-carte or gift membership purchase.

  5. Harambee Books – Alexandria VA –
    Dare Books – Longwood FL –
    Black Dot Cultural Center – Lithonia GA –
    The Listening Tree – Decatur GA –
    Nubian Books – Morrow GA –
    Olive Tree Books N Voices – Springfield MA –
    Everyone’s Place – Baltimore MD –
    Wisdom Book Center – Gwynn Oak MD –
    We Are LIT – Grand Rapids MI –
    La Unique African American Books & Cultural Center – Camden NJ –
    Books & Stuff – Philadelphia PA –
    Enda’s Booktique – Duncanville TX –
    Positive Vibes – Virginia Beach VA –

  6. Hi there! Thank you so much for this list. I’m curious if there’s a way to show which of the partner stores have the most (and least) support on your platform? Maybe a graph at the end, or maybe a “# of supporters” after the name perhaps? (in a way that wasn’t dishonoring of course) Since there are none I’m familiar with firsthand on this list, I’d really like to support one that has less support, and therefore is potentially in greater need. Thank you for the consideration!

    1. Hi Leah! Thanks for reaching out and for your support of Black-owned bookstores. Unfortunately, we can’t share the number of customers each store has through However, we can share that Beyond Barcodes, Harriett’s Bookshop, and Pyramid Books have all become partner bookstores fairly recently. We hope this helps and thanks again!

  7. I’m not 100% sure LEMS bookstore in Seattle is still open. Their number has been disconnected, and I cannot find a new number or store hours at this time.

    1. Hi Tammy, thank you for bringing this to our attention! They have been removed from the list. We appreciate you reaching out.

  8. Janco bookstore is out of business here in Las Vegas. Tried going to their location and it’s gone and there is no website for online orders.

  9. Hello, do we know if any of the bookstores listed are in dire need of support. I’d love to purchase some books and support a business that is struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic. Thank you!

    1. Hi Amy, we recommend checking out bookstores’ social media to get an idea of how they’re doing. Thanks for supporting Black-owned bookstores!

    2. Hi Amy,
      I’m not sure if they are in dire need, but I know in the last few months Uncle Bobbies in PA had some unfortunate things happen, including but not limited to having their windows busted out multiple times.

      1. Thanks so much, Kelsey! Can you please add our Instagram? (We’re not on Twitter.). Thanks again for the partnership!

  10. Hello and thank you for creating this list. I just wanted to be annoying and let you know that there is a spelling mistake in the town where the one shop in Wisconsin is located. You have it down as Sloughton and it is actually Stoughton. Just thought I’d pass that along in case someone cannot figure out where “Sloughton” is 🙂

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