Author Guide: How (and Why!) to Market Your Audiobook

Are you an author looking for ways to market your audiobook? Or, an author looking to produce an audiobook? Or, an author wondering how your audiobook sales relate to your print book’s long-term success?

For any and all authors who fit the terms above, we’ve put this guide together so you can make the most of your audiobook through! Below, you’ll find tips for connecting with your readers and listeners, promotional opportunities, and advice for all things audiobooks.

First of all, why

We’re glad you asked! Unlike other audiobook retailers, supporting independent bookshops is central to’s mission, and that means that by marketing and supporting your audiobook on our platform, you’re supporting them too! A portion of the proceeds from each of your readers’ sales goes to the partner bookshop of their choosing.

But don’t worry—that doesn’t affect your earnings. After we pay your audiobook publisher their portion of the sale, we share the remaining profits with our bookshop partners.

Why should I market my audiobook?

Audiobooks offer just as valuable of an experience as engaging with your books in print—and even more for some readers, since they improve accessibility. Looking to learn more about access and availability as it relates to book formats? Check out this guide from Fight for the Future.

Audiobooks might also offer multi-cast narration, musical interludes from your text, spot-on pronunciation and accents, and more! But don’t just take our word for it—check out the opinions below from readers, booksellers, and authors alike.

Okay, I’m in! How can I promote my audiobook?

There are many ways to market your audiobook and help it connect with more listeners. Here are some ways to get started:

Your audiobook’s page includes an audio sample, which allows readers to hear a snippet of what your audiobook’s narration will sound like. You can also request a custom, shareable video excerpt (like the ones here) by emailing us at

Looking for more ways to get listeners excited about your audiobook? Share a behind-the-scenes photo of it being recorded on your channels, or talk about the talents of your audiobook’s narrator!

Tag us @librofm (and your local indie bookshop) on any posts, and we’ll help spread the word.

Helping readers find all the mediums through which they can read your book allows them to connect with your work in whatever way best suits or accommodates their needs. Find logos and buttons to use when linking your audiobook on your website.

3. Make an author playlist

Share your favorite audiobooks with the community! Just complete a quick form and we’ll create a custom playlist that you can share on your channels. This is a good opportunity to support other authors, as well as your favorite bookshop.

4. Host an audiobook giveaway on your channels

Looking to build buzz for an upcoming audiobook release? Giveaways are great tools to help celebrate your launch! Email us at to set one up.

Any additional perks to promoting my audiobook through

As a affiliate, you will earn money every time someone buys an audiobook (including your own), gift, or membership through your custom links, and so will independent bookshops! Learn more here.

I don’t have an audiobook yet, but I’d like to produce one. Any resources you’d suggest?

Like this article points out, there are fewer audiobooks on the market than print books. That means making your audiobook available to listeners on gives it a better chance of reaching a wide audience. If you’re wondering why you should make it available on our platform, as opposed to making your audiobook exclusive, check out our breakdown of the harmful effects of Audible Exclusives.

Depending where you are in your audiobook process, we’d suggest these resources:

You also might find valuable advice for producing your own audiobook in these audiobooks about creating audiobooks (very meta!):

Looking for more resources?

Check out this post detailing five reasons why you should link to your audiobook on and our author page for more details and ways to get involved!

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