Audiobooks for your resolutions

2019 is here and now’s your chance to capitalize on all that possibility in front of you.  Maybe this is the year you want to try something new. Perhaps it’s your chance to say, “Goodbye and good riddance, 2018.” There could be a habit or two you’ve been meaning to kick, and this is the time to do it. The good news is wherever you are in your life, whatever you are planning your 2019 will look like, there will always be an audiobook for you and whatever particular thing you are doing/making/taking a break from that will make 2019 a great year.

Author Spotlight: David Sedaris

For many, it has become a holiday tradition to gather around whatever audio output device everyone now uses and listen to writer and humorist David Sedaris read the essay that made him famous: SantaLand Diaries. First read by Sedaris on NPR in 1992, SantaLand Diaries recalls Sedaris’ experiences the two years he was employed by Macy’s as a Christmas elf. With grim humor and dead-on observations, SantaLand Diaries set Sedaris on a trajectory of becoming one of America’s foremost humor writers.

Indies First: Celebrate Your Community

This year, on Saturday, November 24th, nestled in between two of the ugliest days of the year—Black Friday and Cyber Monday—is a beautiful little day called Indies First. Have you heard of it? It’s a celebration of independent bookstores. It stands in complete defiance of everything that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come to represent. It’s the day where you get to travel down to your local bookstore and peruse the shelves, shoulder-to-shoulder with other members of your community.