The Literary Life: Min Jin Lee

If you’ve read and enjoyed either of Min Jin Lee’s two novels, Free Food For Millionaires or the National Book Award Finalist Pachinko, and you want to dig a little deeper into the author’s life, her process and what motivates her to write, treat yourself to this interview with her on The Literary Life podcast. Lee discusses a whole range of topics including the financial lives of writers, becoming a lawyer because she didn’t believe writing to be a sustainable career, the unsuspected success of Pachinko, what she looks for in a writer and book, and why she considers her next novel to be the third in a trilogy—the first two being Free Food For Millionaires and Pachinko—about the Korean Diaspora.

That last piece of news is exciting if you’re a fan of Min Jin Lee. While you wait anxiously for that third novel, have another listen to Free Food For Millionaires and Pachinko, on!


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