Book of the Month: Interpreter of Maladies

One of the things I (and just about everyone I know) love about podcasts is that they are easily digestible. They contain stories, opinion, and news that are gulped down and understood in usually less than an hour. It’s the same reason why books of short stories make excellent audiobooks. It’s a joy to meet characters, watch them grow, and say goodbye to them in the time it takes to commute to work or clean the kitchen.

When deciding to pick a book of short stories for our February Book of the Month, we turned to a modern classic: Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. Lahiri writes both tenderly and fiercely of family, marriage, society, and the immigrant experience. It is no wonder that her debut collection received a Pulitzer. Though it’s been awhile since this book was first released, the stories feel fresh and brim with life.

Interpreter of Maladies - 2

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