Making a Cover at Orbit Books

I only fell down the rabbit hole of sci-fi and fantasy a few years ago. I love the adventures, the crazy characters, and the weird settings. But I don’t always love the cover art. As a graphic designer, sometimes they make me cringe.

The worst looks like dime-store pulp, all giant muscles and goofy outfits. Those aside, there are also some artistically done covers, that feel almost like a Hollywood movie poster. These are the covers that make you stop while browsing at your local bookstore and grab it off the shelf.

So it was really interesting to watch Orbit Books’s videos on making the covers for David Dalglish’s Shadowdance series. They went to great lengths to create costumes and weapons straight out of the books’ descriptions. But they didn’t stop there.

Check out the videos for more.

Piqued your interest? Get David Dalglish’s books here.

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