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Independent Bookstore Day is quickly approaching, and the team at is excited to celebrate our independent bookstore partners!

But first, we want to take a moment to acknowledge a few champions of independent bookstores. These folks are encouraging people to be intentional about where they choose to spend their money–and to think about who will benefit from their purchases.

Tayari Jones, Author

Tayari Jones is the 2019 Independent Bookstore Day Author Ambassador and author of bestselling audiobook An American Marriage.

Wiley Cash, Author

Wiley Cash, author of The Last Ballad, took to Twitter to encourage writers to stop linking to Amazon and start linking to independent bookstores.

Ann Patchett, Author & Bookstore Owner

Ann Patchett is author of Commonwealth and This is the Story of a Happy Marriage and co-owner of partner store Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN.

Celeste Ng, Author

Celeste Ng is the author of Little Fires Everywhere and was the 2018 Independent Bookstore Day Author Ambassador.

Fountain Bookstore partner store Fountain Bookstore called out people who come into bookstores only to take pictures of books to buy on Amazon later. The tweet went viral, and many people were made aware of how harmful “showrooming” is.


Every time you visit your local bookstore, every time you buy an audiobook through, every time you tell someone else about your local indie and how wonderful it is, YOU are championing independent bookstores and ensuring that they–and the communities they serve–continue to thrive.

Thank you to all independent bookstore champions!

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