Top 7 Reasons to make the #AudiobookSwitch

Plenty of people are making the #audiobookswitch–choosing and their independent bookstore over Amazon’s Audible. Why? We were hoping you’d ask:

Support Local Bookstores

When you choose, you get to purchase audiobooks directly through your local bookstore of choice.

Enjoy Expert Bookseller Recommendations offers real recommendations from real people rather than algorithms which might be unreliable or harmful.

Own Your Audiobooks

We are 100% DRM-Free. With you actually own each audiobook purchased and have the freedom to download and listen on any device you like. Read more about our “cage-free” audiobooks.

Get 2 Free Audiobooks

Make the #AudiobookSwitch and get 2 free audiobooks when you start a monthly membership. That’s $14.99 for 3 audiobooks with the code “SWITCH”.

Talk to Real People is staffed by real people who love local bookstores, audiobooks, and customers. Reach us at and we will get back to you, day or night.

Create Local Jobs

When you support your local bookstore, you’re supporting the individuals who work there and so much more.

Support Local Bookstores

We think this reason deserves two mentions, find your local bookstore and get started.

BONUS: To thank you for supporting your local, independent bookstore is giving you free audiobooks on Independent Bookstore Day! Sign up now and collect your free audiobooks on Saturday, April 27th.

If you want to share these reasons with others, here’s a visual!

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Top 7 Reasons to make the #AudiobookSwitch

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